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5:21 am

Matches Malone

Keyboard Mastermind

posts 76

Great thread….!


As for me, I think I was in about 8th grade when, on the bus home from school, I saw a kid reading Electric Warrior #1, published by DC.  I knew nothing of comics at the time other than the Sunday Funnies.  A short time after, I found my first LCBS, in Red Bank, NJ.  I forget the name, but it was in what we called the Mini-Mall.  I remember seeing all the comics up on the wall and in the bins, and being amazed at it all.  I bought the first issue of The Dark Knight Returns, along with a few horror comics (for mature readers, hehe), and took them to the beach to read.  I can recall getting sand pebbles in my copy of The Dark Knight, and being a bit upset.


I branched out into some sci-fi, also for mature readers.  And I think it was then that my mother found them and threw them out.  Including The Dark Knight.  Argh!  If only…


Flash forward a mere 20 years later, in 2006, and I was wandering around Barnes and Noble with a wad of cash and a depressed attitude.  I needed something to cheer me up, and what did I find but a copy of the tpb The Dark Knight Returns.  I had to have it.  As well as The Dark Knight Strikes Again.  Oh, and Knightfall.  And The Long Halloween.  And The Haunted Knight.  And The Batman Chronicles Vol 1.  :)  Sure, it was a bunch of money, but like I said, I was depressed and didn't care.  It was my way of saying "F—- it!" to the world.


That spending spree was actually on a lunch break from work, and I went back to my office and showed my friends Steve and Rob what I had purchased.  Unbeknownst to me, the two of them were into comics and they told me all about what I was about to read.


Rob added his two cents on what comics I should get, and it was Steve who informed me that comics come out on Wednesday's.  So the next Wednesday I went to Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash, also in Red Bank, NJ, although by this time the Mini-Mall had closed down.  I think my first buys were some issues of 52 and the issues that would make up Batman: Face the Face.  Great stuff.


Heh, that was fun thinking about how I got into comics.  I guess you could say I'm a late bloomer, as I really didn't get into any of it until 2006.  I'm still waiting for an Electric Warrior trade.  hehe.



11:53 am

Ian Aleksander Adams

Savannah, GA

Final Boss
Final Boss

posts 1897

not so bad a way, especially with a stopover at the Secret Stash. I always wanted to go there.

It's amazing when you think of how much awesome stuff hasn't been collected. I want Damage Control and Chase!


Or the rest of the milestone stuff, of course.

1:43 pm



posts 58

What I wouldn't do for more MIlestone stuff. I finally have gotten into the universe after it has ended and trying to get it all is tough. I wish they would release it in more trades!!!!


Anyway, how I got into comics. I remember growing up without many comics in my life, I vaguely remember a sonic one I had but I just never really had a ton of money for it. When I came home from school I would watch the Adam West Batman and that started it all. 


From there I really got into cartoons. Obviously Batman TAS propelled me, but I loved x-men 90s and evolution, batman beyond and static shock as well. I had all these awesome Batman TAS toys which have now done missing (I figure my dad got rid of them by accident, groan) and so superheroes have always been a part of my childhood without comics in my life. 


It wasn't until right before I went off to college that I got hooked. I had broken my hand and had surgery and was kind of bummed that I wasn't supposed to do anything active. I went to my local library and found Green Lantern Emerald Allies. I always said GL was my favorite, though thinking back I have no idea why, but since then I was hooked. I started catching up on Ultimate x-men, and from there I was hooked. I started getting monthlies of that through a subscription (what a mistake, I swear half the issues didn't come) but boy was it fun. I started collecting all that I could around my three favorites, GL, Batman, and X-men.


The fact that I was able to branch out was thanks to my brother. For my birthday that year he got me watchman and that made me explore all kinds of Allan Moore. What a great brother huh.


The following year he got me five of my favorites, The first volume of fable, the first volume of y the last man, the first volume of bone, and the first volume of ex machina, as well as pride of Baghdad.  I AM SOO LUCKY! And since then its been everything I can read from libraries, discount bins, ebay auctions and the like, all genres all publishers. What a great addiction I have gotten myself into. Now I read comics and am constantly working on my own writing which brings me so much joy, if only I could put all my ideas into a cohesive project right now….


And thats how I got into comics. I still watch cartoons all the time and I am not ashamed!

2:13 pm

Ian Aleksander Adams

Savannah, GA

Final Boss
Final Boss

posts 1897

sounds like you've got a pretty awesome brother!

6:12 pm


New Member

posts 0

I've always been amazed with comics (specially the DC universe), but never got the patience/time/nerves/money/balls to start a collection.

4 Years ago, driven in part by the "Dark Knight" movie madness, i ordered on amazon my firsts comic books. Those were "Watchmen" and "Batman: Arkham Asylum". From that point on, I got more and more interested on the DCU. Right now i'm collecting all trades related with Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern and Superman. And i'm collecting them in the recommended reading order. So, in like 3 years i guess will catch with the New 52.

Marvel got its "thing", but that "thing" never got into me. In my humble opinion, the DC universe got a je ne sais quoi that suprasses everything Marvel does. DCU's filled with myth/aura, insted of the action that surrounds the Marvel universe. That's how i see it, and that's why I got into comics.

1:15 am

Alexander Anotherskip Davis

Denver Area

New Member

posts 2

Being a new member of the site I figured this could be a good introduction point.  So "How I got into comics" is pretty simple, my second cousins came over for a visit and they had a copy of http://www.amazon.com/The-Incredible-Hulk-Thing-Graphic/dp/0871352990 .  And it literally diverted my life away from all other artistic possibilities.  The other thing that that came close to changing my life in such a cardinal way was playing in my older brothers' early RPG games (D&D and Star Frontiers).  

Since then Literally nearly every job interview, every woman I have dated while not taking second place I have made it clear that these two hobbies are important to me if not my sanity.  Many of my dreams get converted to comic ideas I draw (poorly) or into RPG related stuff.   

I have few TPB, my father got them as part of a collection buy for "ridiculously cheap" bought for me for Christmas a while back.  Good libraries are a big help in feeding my addiction.  Some parts of the TRO will be of little interest to me, (no offense intended) but on the other hand I might have a few suggestions on advertising parts of the site I find useful to other gamers for the same concepts that I find interesting and the more traffic ( from some likely untapped sources) would mean likely more sales from the links that do generate revenue.  


5:18 am

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