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MY BATMAN COLLECTION AS OF AUG 31 2012 (chronological reading order/spoiler free, NOT DC inconsistency / idiocy free, sorry) BATMAN YEAR ONE: batman 404-407 c.2005 BATMAN & THE MONSTER MEN: 1-6 c.2006 (first encounter w/dr. Hugo Strange) BATMAN & THE MAD MONK: 1-6 c.2006,2007 (ties in with year one ending) BATMAN GOTHIC-LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT: 1-6 c.2007 (Mr. Whisper) BATMAN THE MAN WHO LAUGHS: Hard cover special edition featuring BATMAN/GREEN LANTERN-MADE OF WOOD: detective comics 784-786(fluff piece) BATMAN LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT: PREY 11-15 c.2012 -TERROR 137-141 c.2012 (read after haunted knight) BATMAN THE LONG HALLOWEEN: 1-13 c.1998 BATMAN HAUNTED KNIGHT-HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: 1-3 fears, madness, ghosts (NOW READ BATMAN LOTDK: TERROR…DO IT… OR ILL SEX YA NAUGHTY LIKE!) BATMAN DARK VICTORY: 0-13 c.2001 (enter Robin) ROBIN YEAR ONE: 1-4 c.2002 (for some reason DC decided comish is a capt in this one even though it takes place after his promotion.) THE KILLING JOKE DELUX EDITION: c.2008 (one of the many hypothesized origins of our beloved duke of death, and commonly the most excepted version. I personally preferred not knowing but oh well.) BATMAN THE CULT: 1-4 c.1991 (Best fucking Batman story ever! His battle against Deacon Blackfire is without a doubt one of Batman's and Gotham's darkest, most brutal trials.) BATMAN A DEATH IN THE FAMILY: 426-429, batman annual #25, collection also features BATMAN A LONELY PLACE OF DYING: ALPD #440, new titans #60, ALPD #441, new titans #61 ALPD #442 BATMAN SWORD OF AZRAEL: 1-4 c.1993 ( collectable signed by Joe Quesada #2327 of 10,000) (I would of been more jazzed about this if i didn't hate Jean Paul Vally i really don't understand how Bruce ends up putting so much faith in him.) BATMAN VS. BANE -BATMAN VENGEANCE OF BANE: #1 c.2012 (banes origin, prelude to Knightfall) -BATMAN BANE OF THE DEMON: #1-4, 52 #46, countdown #4,7 (Post nightfall pre infinite crisis) KNIGHTFALL -PART ONE BROKEN BAT: Batman #491-497, Detective comics #659-663 c.2000 -PART TWO WHO RULES THE NIGHT: Batman #498-500, Detective comics #664-666, Showcase '93 #7-8, Batman shadow of the bat #16-18 -PART THREE KNIGHTSEND: Batman #509-510, Batman shadow of the bat #29-30, Detective comics #676-677, Batman legends of the dark knight #62-63, Catwoman #12 ( originally i was fully torqued to read through the KNIGHTFALL series, unfortunately by the time i was done i was just frustrated confused and disappointed, mainly because large parts of the story were left out of the collection which makes 0 fucking sense to anyone other than the geniuses over at DC who repeatedly do this shit. so unless you are willing to wait for a complete collection to come out (if one ever even does) then your stuck having to spend hours doing research to find what you need and even longer tracking down back issues from almost two decades ago, WEEE! also there is another book called KNIGHTQUEST that you will have to get, i haven't yet because I am still digging through back issues with almost no luck. Thank again DC.) HUSH TRB VOL.1-2: Batman #608-619, Wizard #0 (for a Morrison book i loved this one, some of his are great and some make my nose bleed). SUPERMAN/BATMAN-PUBLIC ENEMIES: Superman/Batman# 1-6, Superman/Batman secret files 2003 c.2005 SUPERMAN/BATMAN-SUPERGIRL: Superman/Batman #8-13 (get #7) c.2007 SUPERMAN/BATMAN-ABSOLUTE POWER: Superman/Batman #14-18 c.2005 SUPERMAN/BATMAN- VENGEANCE: Superman/Batman #20-25 c.2006 (purchase SUPERMAN ARKHAM / EMPEROR JOKER ) BATMAN GOTHAM UNDERGROUND: #1-9 c2008 (I really do not know what this one has to do with anything, it seems like its part of a much bigger story but I have yet to see the events of underground mentioned or affecting any other stories. Maybe those are just the issues i'm missing but i doubt it.) BATMAN DEATH & THE CITY: Detective comics #827-834 c.2007 (random stories that don't really effect anything major, good reads though) BATMAN & SON: Batman #655-658, 663-666 c.2007 (So…. The main story was all right but it certainly did not live up to its rave review status. To me Batman & Son was a great idea, unfortunately in this case the idea was executed poorly. Go ahead read through it yourself and tell me it does not feel like the story was hastily slapped together. Then there is THE CLOWN AT MIDNIGHT story with it's scattered crapy digital pics, why was this in here? It has absolutely 0 connection to anything going on in the time line at this point or anywhere near to it. Then there is the hailed #666 Bethlehem set in the far future where Bruce is dead and Damien is the Bat fighting the 3rd man who is apparently the devil and the apocalypse is imminent… turns out this has nothing to do with anything, nor will it… so why put it in mr. Morrison?) BATMAN THE BLACK GLOVE: Batman #667-669,672-675 c.2008 ( Well, this one was a step up, the writing could have been better for THE ISLAND OF MISTER MAYHEW, but everything else was pretty exiting.) BATMAN THE RESURRECTION OF RA'S AL GHUL: Batman anual #26, Robin anual #7, Batman #670-671, Robin #168-169, Nightwing #138-139, Detective #838-839 c.2008 ( Interesting story, but not the best in any sense. There are several elements that seem forced, or confusing in this one, seems like DC's on a crap writing kick huh?) BATMAN PRIVATE CASEBOOK: Detective comics #840-845, DC Infinite Halloween special #1 c.2008 ( This one is a fantastic collection of stories, it was a nice break from some of the dysfunctional writing before this read.) BATMAN HEART OF HUSH: Detective comics #846-850 c.2009 (need to get Hush returns) (Heart of Hush was just a delight I give it one very tight butt hole sir.) !!WARNING!! FULLY TORQUED MIND DICKING AHEAD! BRAIN LUBE REQUIRED BEYOND THIS POINT! BATMAN R.I.P. [ This is why I hate Morrison's epileptic writing style, especially when its combined with the pack of crazies over at DC that think the best way to print a collection is to do it as mix matched and daffy as possible. ( I think they might be on drugs ;<) So when reading R.I.P. once you come to LAST RIGHTS (The Butler Did It/The Butler Did It Again) STOP and skip to TIME & THE BATMAN and read R.I.P. THE MISSING CHAPTER, and THE HOLE IN THINGS. These two chapters conclude the R.I.P. story and should have been collected with it to begin with instead of LAST RIGHTS which takes place during FINAL CRISIS. Ok see if you can follow me now. Both R.I.P.'s LAST RIGHTS and TIME & THE BATMAN'S BATMAN'S LAST CASE run parallel with FINAL CRISIS, which is just a special edition kind of stupid. What follows is the best way to read everything as chronologically, and spoiler free as possible. Again I cannot stress how fucking ridiculous it is that I have had to do this WTF DC? FINAL CRISIS part 1takes place alongside BATMANS LAST CASE pg. 1-4. (read FC P1 then BMLC pg.1-4 then back to FC up to P2 pg.14) FINAL CRISIS part 2 pg.15-23 match up with BATMANS LAST CASE pg.5-7 so read those then you can read the rest of FINAL CRISIS up to part 6 pg.25 ( If you don't want to count pages then just stop when you see Wally and Barry leave Jay with Iris at a speed faster than death) Once you get to that point read LAST RIGHTS followed by BATMANS LAST CASE pg. 8-15 after that its back to FINAL CRISIS. The part you will start back on is almost the same as the last pages you just read in BATMANS LAST CASE, I just found it more coherent to doit this way. So now finish FINAL CRISIS and once you have done that go back and read BATMANS LAST CASE pg. 16-22. Fucking bananas huh? Well, at least thats over with.] Now that you have stumbled your way through that baffling madness you can feel free to go back and read TIME & THE BATMAN: -YESTERDAY: pre R.I.P. ? -TODAY: post BATTLE FOR THE COWL -TOMORROW: unknown future where Bruce is dead Damien is the Bat & everything is fucked -& TOMORROW: Batman Beyond, AD 3000, AD 3050, AD 85298 -THE GREAT EXCAPE: #703 Post BATTLE FOR THE COWL (All of these issues really don't matter and only a couple are even relevant so I didn't bother to put them in to the time line, most cant be anyway.) BATMAN BATTLE FOR THE COWL: #1-3, Gotham gazette Batman dead? Batman alive? c.2009 (So…parts of this were awesome, parts I felt like " Da' Fuck?" and then there are the Gotham gazette parts that were just awful, mainly the one about dr. Leslie. I don't know who thought that garbage looked good enough to print and gave it the ok but I hope Aphids eat their face like lettuce. Also there was this story that had something to do with Azrael but it went nowhere and seemed to come from nowhere?) BATMAN BATTLE FOR THE COWL COMPANION: Commissioner Gordon #1, Manbat #1 Arkham Asylum #1, the underground #1, the network #1 c.2009 BATMAN REBORN -BATMAN LONG SHADOWS-A BATTLE WITHIN EPILOGUE TO BATTLE FOR THE COWL: BATMAN #687-691 BATMAN REBORN STREETS OF GOTHAM -HUSH MONEY: Detective comics #852, Batman 685, Streets of Gotham #1-4 c.2009 -LEVIATHAN: Streets of Gotham #5-11 c.2009,2010 -HOUSE OF HUSH: Streets of Gotham #12-14,16-21 c.2010,2011 [ Read these three together and don't rip your hair out when you realize (mainly in HOUSE OF HUSH) that continuity wise this shit is FUBAR. I spent a frustrating amount of time trying to figure a way to integrate these with the Morrison's run, but that proved impossible so fuck it. My best advise is just to pretend it makes sense, or do what I do and cut and paste it in your head. ( It helps to read them while upside down with a couple oxycodone ) Also get used to it, unless DC sits down and drastically changes the way they do business they are just going to continue to go back and forth between amazing well written titles, and more of this epileptic space diarrhea.] BATMAN LIFE AFTER DEATH: Batman #692-699 c.2009,2010 BATMAN ARKHAM REBORN: Arkham reborn #1-13, Detective comics #864-865 c.1998,2009,2010 [ This was odd to place as bits of it takes place before, during, and after LIFE AFTER DEATH. Meah well the best way I figured to go about it was to just read it as one go cover to cover. My reason for this approach being at this point you have already part one in BATTLE FOR THE COWL, also having just read LIFE AFTER DEATH you know that Dr. Arkham was the fractured mind behind the new Black Mask. In summation ARKHAM REBORN is a great collection that brings it all together and gives you a glimpse into the world of Dr. Banana brains. ] HERE WE GO WITH ANOTHER GRAND CASE OF "DA' FUCK?" Very well now here is another heavy dose of DC backassword brain dicking. So BATMAN THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #1-6 takes place during BATMAN & ROBIN #1-15 but also BATMAN BRUCE WAYNE-THE ROAD HOME takes place after BATMAN THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE and apparently before BATMAN & ROBIN #15 but the thing is, this makes zero fucking sense! The stories do not fit! THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE ends with Batman escaping from Darsieds Omega Sanction time trap thingamadoodle with the help of Red Robin, and the Justice League. Then in THE ROAD HOME, Bruce is back equipped with this impossibly badass and seemingly invincible suit armed and equipped with more than a few of the better powers of some key JLA members. Operating under the alias The Insider Bruce proceeds to monitor and test his allies to see how well they have done and are doing without him. Whats weird about this is, in this particular story nobody is aware of Bruce Wayne's return, even though according to THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE he came back in front of Red Robin, and several key members of the JLA but now all a-sudden they are not aware he has returned? Then the whole thin ends with him duking it out with Ra's who somehow knew Bruce was back. After that Bruce basically says he's going to start Batman Inc. I really do not see how this ties in with THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE and BATMAN & ROBIN #1-16, Reborn #1 also where did Bruce get that fucking suit? And why does it not replace all other Batsuits as it seems to make his job effortless? All in all THE ROAD HOME shouldn't have even been printed as it seems to fit no where and have nothing to do with anything. For instance all the crap involving Bed Bug boy was that pointless. I'd recommend not buying this one if you're not trying to collect everything like I am. Anyway here is the order for this madness, just keep in mind THE ROAD HOME is Un-needed so you can skip it if you want, it is entertaining in a way, i'll give it that. Also the only reason I have placed it where I have is because anywhere else would be even more nutty. BATMAN THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE: #1-6 c.2011 BATMAN: BRUCE WAYNE-THE ROAD HOME: Batman & Robin #1, Batman & Red Robin #1, Outsiders #1, Batgirl #1, Catwoman #1, Commissioner Gordon #1, Oracle #1, Ra's Al Ghul #1, c.2010,2011 BATMAN & ROBIN -BATMAN REBORN: #1-6 c.2009,2010 -BATMAN VS. ROBIN: #7-12 c.2011 -BATMAN & ROBIN MUST DIE! #13-16, Batman the return #1 c.2011 BATMAN INCORPORATED (DELUX EDITION): Batman Inc. #1-8, Batman Inc. Leviathan strikes c.2010,2011,2012 BATMAN THE BLACK MIRROR: Detective comics #871-881 c.2011 BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS BY FRANK MILLER: #1-4 c.1986 (not part of time line) BLACKEST NIGHT BLACK LANTERN CORPS VOL.1: Blackest night-Batman #1-3, Blackest night-Superman #1-3, Blackest night-Titans #1-3 c.2009 THE BATMAN FILES c.2011 (Batmans personal journal/case files from his entire career) More to come, next week i will be adding BATMAN GATES OF GOTHAM, & BATMAN &ROBIN: DARK KNIGHT VS. WHITE KNIGHT.

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