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So I’ve gone through and cleaned up the Elseworlds series. You will no longer see “Elseworlds (etc)” before all the books, they will now be clearly marked as Elseworlds titles (as they were at the time of publication) or not, if they are simply other “out of continuity” books. Of course, a lot of the in or out of continuity-ness of these books can be heavily debated. For example, added Kingdom Come and The Kingdom to this list, because Kingdom Come was released as an Elseworlds even though the whole series is now firmly tied into ongoing titles through Justice Society: Thy Kingdom Come, etc.

In any case, I think they’re fun to read as you make your way through the recommended list, so I will always include them there. I also added a few tags while I was in there, but nothing really worth noting in detail.

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