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So as you can see, the Recommended Reading Order is an excellent way to sort your books, resulting in an extremely high level of shelf title visibility.

Just kidding. I’m the middle of moving everything around. BIG move. We’ve been working on it for a couple days straight. Here’s the view through the living room into what is going to be our room again soon.

We’ve got double sliding doors that open to the living room, the hallway, and our roommate David’s room. Savannah mansion style architecture, what can I say? Every room has to be fully accessible to several horses, apparently.

Our living room is now a studio. Still couches and videogames in there, but most of it is shelves of art supplies, art books, art theory books, and a lot of floor space for big projects.

All the DCU comics are going to be moved on the wall right next to my work desk. The self contained books, Marvel, and anything else is on new shelves in the hallway, next to the pulp books (sci fi and fantasy). A little while down is going to be “literature”, philosophy and religion.

Our house is kind of intense, actually. All of us living here are really into human production – every nook is filled with some kind of product of human creativity, be it books, records, or any other type of art.

That being said, we’ve got a lot we need to get rid of – the superfluous trades and comics related stuff I’m going to start giving away through this site.

Everything else is currently being put into boxes for donation or sale.

Anyway, once I’m done with reorganizing the comics I’ll take some pics on my real camera (as opposed to my cell phone).

PS. Bonus kitten in that second picture. Just noticed that as I was about to post this.

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