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Hi everyone! Ian’s been showing me some ways I can help out with the site when I have spare time.

Today I’ve gotten some cover images to put up! Here are the updates:

  1. The Batman Strikes! Crime Time
  2. The Batman Strikes! In Darkest Knight
  3. The Batman Strikes! Duty Calls
  4. Blue Beetle: Road Trip
  5. Blue Beetle: Shellshocked
  6. Deadman: Deadman Walking
  7. Firestorm: The Nuclear Man: Reborn
  8. The Flash: Lightning in a Bottle
  9. Green Lantern Corps: To Be A Lantern
  10. Green Lantern: Ion: The Torchbearer
  11. Hawkgirl: The Maw
  12. Justice League Unlimited: The Ties That Bind
  13. Justice League Unlimited: World’s Greatest Heroes
  14. Lucifer: Evensong
  15. Nightwing: Brothers In Blood
  16. Shadowpact: Volume 2: Cursed
  17. Superman and Batman Vs. Aliens and Predator
  18. Superman Returns: The Movie and Other Tales
  19. Teen Titans Go! Truth, Justice, Pizza!
  20. Teen Titans Go! Heroes On Patrol!
  21. Teen Titans Go! Bring It On!
  22. Teen Titans Go! Ready for Action!
  23. Teen Titans Go! On The Move!
  24. Teen Titans Go! Titans Together!
  25. Teen Titans: Jam Packed Action!
  26. Teen Titans: Titans Around The World
  27. The Atom: My Life in Miniature

Edit: Ian update – sorry, I didn’t actually get this up until Friday morning, really, as I had to deal with some other bug fix stuff, to be mentioned in the next update.

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