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Hey all! I hope you’re as excited as I am about all the quality work Marc has been putting into the site.

And if you’re following the forums, you’re probably excited about our new upcoming projects as well… and if you’re not excited at all, you need to sit back and watch some Japanese Spider-Man. Get pumped!


Today’s Link:


Spider-Man (スパイダーマン Supaidāman – Wikipedia) ran for 41 episodes and one movie (!) in the late 70s. It’s probably the craziest Spider-Man offshoot I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if Marvel has given Spider-Man Japan an Earth-number of his own, but part of me wishes there was a comics continuity that followed along with these adventures.

All of the episodes are up at Marvel.com, thank god for the internet. Follow Spider-Man as he battles giant monsters and the Iron Cross Army. Awe at episode titles like “The Time of Revenge Has Come! Beat Down Iron Cross Group!!” or “Becoming Splendid: To the Murderous Machine of Transformation.” Dig a show that combines Ultraman with a wisecracking webslinger.

Believe me, this is the perfect show to put on at a swinging party. Haha, get it? Swinging!


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  1. Jose wrote on at October 10, 2013 6:10 pm:

    Que tal,
    Está bastante bien esge blog. Algunos articulos no me convencieron demasiado, en cualquier caso, la ggran mayoría están bien.



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