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Here’s a gif I made of superman! Enjoy the seizure! You’re welcome!

So, obviously, this is a site for collectors and obsessed comic readers as much as it is for new readers looking for what to read next. I created it because I couldn’t find a satisfactory resource to help me sort my shelves.

Today, the site took a pretty great step towards helping you sort your shelves. I’ve added some very useful information to every book page. The two values are the Unique Reading Order ID and the Chronological List Value. There’s an explanation right on the page, but I’m pasting it here as well.

The Unique Reading Order ID determines this book’s placement in all lists generated from the Recommended Reading Order (or equivalents for non-DCU lists).

The Chronological List Value is determined by the most recent publication date of collected contents. This value determines book placement on all lists generated chronologically.

These values are provided for the purposes of sorting your own collections. You could, for example, keep an excel spreadsheet or google document with the titles of the books in your collection. In columns next to the books, place each of these numbers. Then when you display the list sorted numerically by either of these columns, your books will fall into order.

The ability to export these sorting values and the information above directly into your personal list or collection will be coming in a future update.

Check the new feature out on Jonah Hex: Welcome To Paradise or Superman / Shazam: First Thunder or… well, any book in the database!

Thanks again to Daniel for prodding me in the right direction for this. Stay tuned for future updates concerning managing your own collection through this site. (We’re still in beta for this first year!)

The first priority, of course, is still getting all the books into the Recommended Reading Order for DC, and then populating all of those entries with full information (Chronological Reading Order won’t work until they’re all done!) but it’s exciting to think about how the site can work for you in the future. I think so, anyway. I never imagined it coming together this well!

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  1. Daniel Davis wrote on at June 4, 2010 2:14 am:

    Phew! Finally got all the Id numbers put into my reading list. Should make updates a lot easier…


    Ian replied on June 4th, 2010 at 2:17 am:

    One day I’ll figure out an export option or a simple click to add thingy. I might need help with that stuff though.

    Maybe I’ll end up with an interactive design intern haha


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