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I’ve enabled WP-Supercache, so you should see a pretty significant speed increase when using the site. Let me know if you run into any weird errors, especially:

1. You make a comment and it does not show up.

2. You log in or out and the sidebar login does not show you logged in.

3. Any page that seems to have a formatting error that does NOT fix itself when you refresh your browser (sometimes a slower connection only gets half the page. Very rare at this point, but I’m still looking out for it.)

Known Issues:

The only part of the site that is NOT chached at some point is the feed. So everything else suffers some delay – conversation should be emailed to you instantly, but if you go to check the site to reply, you may not see the comment up there yet. This is normal, but kind of sad – the forum suffers especially for this.

I MAY be turning off super cache for the forum in specific, but leaving it on for blog posts (browsing goes a LOT faster even if comments suffer a bit.) Or looking for some seperate ajax or java related commenting system that doesn’t have the same issues.

Also, although the blog post may hit the feed almost instantly, it can take a little while to show up on the category page. Eventually, the dynamic home page will ALWAYS be fresh, but the category page, for now, is a little stale.

Same with the discussion sidebar, though I don’t really mind that since it just shows different comments on different pages – maybe not the most recent, but as long as it gets people interested in what you guys are saying, I’m for it.

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