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By | Tuesday, February 22, 2011 | 4:21 pm | 3 Comments | Blog > News

According to some news sources and twitter explosion, Dwayne McDuffie has passed.

I’ve only interacted with him a little bit but this was way before his time. In fact, I just had a tiny twitter exchange with him an extremely short time ago, talking about hopes on future comic projects. We had just celebrated Milestone Comics earlier this month.

I’m actually really torn up about this and.. well, I have no words past this point. I’m sure there will be plenty of news reports and an outpouring of heartfelt response on twitter.

Allow me a few more hours of denial. Celebrate his life and work.

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By | Tuesday, February 1, 2011 | 12:15 am | 45 Comments | Blog > News

In two weeks, I’ll no longer be at my day job.

Kind of crazy, huh? Definitely crazy.

I’ll be working with an ex-day job co-worker now freelance/our-own-thing coworker to hit up some local market creative endeavors.

But I’m also hoping to get some serious stuff done on TRO.

This site doesn’t really bring in anything, but it could, and I think it could without requiring any sort of paid access (ridiculous) or intrusive advertising. I’m interested in partnerships with targeted retailers, but that’s not my primary focus.

The main thing is affiliate links. Without directly selling anything, TRO performs the service of directing people to the books they want/need next.

Ideally with the minimum amount of pain and ideally easy to find low prices. Right now, only about 600 books on the site have affiliate links.

Those 600-ish books bring in about 80-100 bucks a month.

Up until this point, that money has gone right back out in hosting fees and the little excess contributing to the weekly giveaway costs.

But if I get affiliate links up on everything, finish making the lists look nice and increasing the site’s usefulness, it could theoretically bring in enough to make TRO actually worth my time.

Time to be investing in editing/writing reviews, archiving scan examples, and continuing sorting lists. The stuff that I’m really passionate about, for some odd reason.

Worth my time at minimum wage, or half that, perhaps, but enough to finance the project, at least. It’s an exciting prospect.

Pretty crazy, but within the realm of possibility.

It wasn’t my original goal – which was just to sort my collection and share the results – but the ideas have gotten a lot bigger a lot quicker.

Even if the material we are interested in archiving and discussing is only a small niche of our massive modern culture, I believe it’s truly important.

We’re focusing on the life’s work of thousands of amazingly talented individuals in an archival, enjoyably readable format. The collected edition is a big deal.

TRO has the potential to be a really amazing resource. I like to think it already is.

And I want to be open about how the site operates every step of the way. So that’s why I’m sharing all this with you guys.

TRO has started to be come a real community, with forum discussions and a steady stream of review submissions. Not to mention much needed advice. Some of you have also asked me about a donation button (and I guess I should probably figure out how that works very soon.)

I appreciate your friendship and help. It’s amazing to see this little dream take shape. The participation keeps me going.

The next few months might be a little bumpy as I do whatever I have to to survive – taking odd jobs, selling stuff I don’t really need, getting serious about selling my own art, trying to launch a separate local business – but TRO is a priority for me.

I’ll put whatever I can into it and maybe it will support me a little back. It’s worth a shot.

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By | Sunday, January 23, 2011 | 6:25 pm | 6 Comments | Blog > News

Now that everyone has gotten back to me and confirmed, I’m excited to announce the winners for our three holiday giveaways!

First up is our grand prize:

Winning Batman: No Man’s Land Vol. 1-5 is:

Mike from Queensbury, NY (TRO user MikePhantom)

Our four runners up for the first holiday giveaway each get a copy of Ghost Rider / Wolverine / Punisher: Hearts Of Darkness:

Chris from Chatsworth, CA (TRO user CaptainHammer)

Jason from Henderson, CO (TRO user zoomfactor32)

Andrew from Riverside, CA (TRO user andybmcd)

Daniel from Circle Woodstock, GA (TRO user yudansha)

Next up, we have our first set of ten Batman Adventures winners, who each snagged a copy of the book with their speedy commenting on Christmas morning:

Ryan from Glastonbury, CT (TRO user WallyEast)

Dan from New York, NY (TRO user xxexplosivoxx)

Chris from Port Orchard, WA (TRO user Dirt55)

John from Annville, PA (TRO user jw634200)

Johannes from Rödelsee, Germany (TRO user jonah_X)

Brian from Middletown, NJ (TRO user -b)

Marc from Milwaukee, WI (TRO user Marc)

Joseph from Foothill Ranch, CA (TRO user AnsumRiku)

Tristan from Leicestershire, England (TRO user VoodooDoctor)

Steve from Cinnaminson, NJ (TRO user Steve M.)

The next set of ten Batman Adventures winners snagged a copy of the book by chance, selected from the remaining comments on the post:

Henry from Las Vegas, NV (TRO user henraldo)

Nate from Franklin, WI (TRO user natohendo)

Cailey from Toronto, ON, Canada (TRO user kikilouise)

Justin from Marietta, GA (TRO user bigjust)

Bill from Acworth, GA (TRO user van.meeks)

Dan from Richmond, VA (TRO user duncanpr)

Timothy from Burbank, CA (TRO user JusticeOrigins)

Daniel from San Diego, CA (TRO user Daniel [])

Drew from North Caldwell, NJ (TRO user defenestr8)

Sam from Annapolis, MD (TRO user rellimsam)

Finally, we’ve got our new years giveaway giveaway winner, recieiving a hardcover copy of Newuniversal: Everything Went White:

Jesse from Medford, OR (TRO user Body62)

Congratulations to everyone!

Thanks to all of you for being with us over the holiday, commenting and supporting Trade Reading Order.

The books will go out soon! Due to the volume and shipping costs, not as quick as the normal one week turnaround that we had running most of last year, but you’ll get them – I promise!

And if you weren’t on the winners list this time around, we’ll have plenty of opportunities going forward. Right now, we’ve got a copy of Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance up.

After that, check back each week for a new giveaway. You may also want to subscribe to our feed or email list for updates – as sometimes quickness will be a factor, like with the Batman Adventures books.

I hope the new year is treating everyone well and you’re enjoying the parade of reviews as we catch up to our one-review-a-day goal.

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By | Friday, December 24, 2010 | 12:39 pm | 0 Comments | Blog > News

Hey all!

Hope your holiday travels have found you safely with family or warmly at home.

I’ve got a small stack of books with me and may do a review or two over the weekend, but I wanted to pop online for a second to remind you that tonight is the deadline for the Batman: No Man’s Land giveaway and the Guardian Project poster giveaway.

For some reason, all the books I have are distinctly un-holiday-themed. It’s a pile of murder and mayhem. Not exactly cheery. So no particular hurry on getting those up for Christmas morning, haha.

Well, at least the winner announcements tomorrow should bring smiles to a few faces. Good luck everyone and to those of you celebrating, Merry Christmas!

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By | Tuesday, December 21, 2010 | 8:26 pm | 0 Comments | Blog > News

Stan Lee’s Guardian Project Retweet Giveaway

Hey folks! Even though our huge Christmas Batman giveaway is still running, it looks like I’ve got even more holiday cheer to spread!

The folks helping promote the legendary Stan Lee’s Guardian Project have given me permission to pick two winners to get a numbered Neal Adams Poster!

It’s not hand signed, but it’s from a run of 1200, so may be of serious interest to memorabilia collectors.

We won’t have any idea what to expect from these NHL tie-in comics until they’re actually out – but you know me, always looking out for free stuff!

To enter retweet the following tweet:

Decide what Superhero is revealed! RT to win Neal Adams #GuardianProject Poster @TPBReadingOrder

You can also Click This Link to automatically send you to twitter with the text.

Like the other contest, the deadline is Friday 12/24/2010 at 11:59 pm. Winners will be notified by me (through twitter) on Saturday, Christmas Day and announced on

Feel free to drop a comment here if you have any questions.

(Note: The image above isn’t the final art – what you get hasn’t been revealed yet!)

Here’s some more information about our contest and Stan Lee’s Guardian Project:

Stan Lee and the NHL’s new superhero franchise has just launched!

Spawned from the mind of the comic book legend, the Guardian Project tells the unique story of a boy who has the ability to transform his imaginary best friends into superheroes. Mike Mason is the leader of the 30 Guardians, the greatest team of superheroes ever assembled (represented by each NHL team).

The Guardian 30 Match-Up is a Facebook application that will enable fans to determine the order in which each team’s Guardian will be unveiled. Voting will launch on Monday, Dec. 20 and will continue throughout January, with fans determining which team will win each match-up. Vote to reveal your team’s superhero at the official NHL Facebook channel now!

Voters can also win a chance to get a Guardian Project graphic novel!

Enter Stan Lee’s Guardian Project Retweet Giveaway for a chance to win a special Guardian Project Pre-Reveal Poster by fan-favorite artist Neal Adams!

Click Here to Enter via Twitter

Grand Prize: Guardian Project Pre-Reveal Poster (2 winners)

Friday 12/24/2010 at 11:59 pm. Winners will be notified by me on Saturday, Christmas Day.

You can see our other weekly giveaways and results here.

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