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By | Tuesday, December 14, 2010 | 3:57 pm | 0 Comments | Blog > News

I just got an email letting me know that Lincoln Butterfield Animation is having a little giveaway for a copy of Rip, M.D.

It’s an all ages graphic novel by Angry Beavers creator Mitch Schauer along with artist Mike Vosburg.

I haven’t had a chance to read it myself, but you can flip through the first few pages on Amazon.

To enter the contest, you need to go to Lincoln Butterfield’s facebook page and come up with a caption for this image.

The contest ends on December 19th.

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By | Sunday, December 12, 2010 | 5:55 pm | 4 Comments | Blog > News

Congratulations to Mack from Pullman, WA (TRO user mwmani) who is our winner for the Flash: Blood Will Run giveaway.

Mack’s book will go out early this week. The new giveaway is already up – for JLI: The Secret Gospel of Maxwell Lord.

Also, I feel a little celebratory – the last review was the 50th one posted on this site!

A huge thanks for Marc for adding his work to our archive. He’ll eventually be sharing some more reviews reworked from his blog at With Great Power, and may even be writing some original content for us. I’ll be adding scanned images of course, and it all goes towards making that goal of reviewing every DC universe trade paperback seem more and more possible.

It could take ten years or something, but ideally we’ll be able to get caught up in five. We’ll see!

Anyway, my copy of Jonah Hex: Counting Corpses is still in the mail, so I’ll be waiting for that one before I move on to No Way Back and finish up the DC Western reviews.

The next book on the timeline (that I have access to) is Showcase Presents: Enemy Ace. I’ve started reading it, but it will probably take me a couple days to get through it unless I really rush it. I don’t want to ruin any enjoyment of it by forcing it all into one sitting (it’s a big book of pre-crisis comics!) so I’ll probably fill in a couple days with some other stuff.

Once I really get deep into the Archive and Showcase books, I’ll probably have to alternate or space those out alongside books later in the timeline, like Elseworlds, or starting a parallel line of reviews at the modern age. Or maybe marvel books. I’ll play it by ear.

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By | Friday, November 19, 2010 | 12:22 pm | 0 Comments | Blog > News

Whoops, almost forgot!

The Superman Chronicles Vol. 1 giveaway ends today at 11:59 pm.

I’m not sure what’s next yet, but I’ll figure it out tonight, haha.

I’m off to the day job!

Oh, did Harry Potter really come out today? or last night? Cause man, I totally didn’t even plan having my Books of Magic review coincide, but it’s kind of funny that it did.

I guess it’s just in the air.

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By | Wednesday, October 13, 2010 | 6:16 pm | 6 Comments | Blog > News

First of all, thanks again to all our users (registered and nomadic!) especially those of you who wrote in for this giveaway contest.

After a little shuffling and bouncing down the list, our three winners are decided. We moved from the random choice to giving another book to a quick email responder, since the random users must be on an extended vacation or something. Future giveaways may last a week or so and have different criteria, so don’t worry about always having to be super quick on your toes.

Everyone’s first choice was the Batman trade, so we had to do a few coin flips, but I think everyone will be happy with the outcome.

Without further ado, here are our winners:

Rat A Tat (Matthew from Warren, MI) was the first person to email in and gets The History of The DC Universe prestige format books 1 and 2!

HobbitFoot (Jonathan from Allen, TX) was the second reader to email me and will be receiving Showcase Presents: The Justice League of America Vol. 1 for his efforts.

Natohendo (Nate from Franklin, WI) signed up quickly right after the post and is getting Showcase Presents: Batman Vol. 1 as his just reward.

Keep your eyes on your mail, gentlemen!

All shipments will be going out this week, probably media mail unless parcel is cheaper – so it may take a few weeks to get to you from where I live in Savannah, GA. Enjoy your books!

Thanks for participating and for sharing your profiles and collections with the rest of the site. Also a special thanks to the three of you who emailed me or were randomly chosen from the UK (two of you who would have had books if you didn’t so graciously bow out to let me send it to some greedy yanks.) Even if I can never afford to send these little books overseas, I’ll try to think of something special I can put out there for our international readers!

As for everyone else, I hope to have a lot of giveaways in the future so fear not – you’ll get another chance! I’ll keep in mind that everyone likes Batman.

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By | Friday, July 23, 2010 | 8:20 pm | 5 Comments | Blog > News

Here’s a snipped from a great post over at The Real Batman Chronology Project:

Bruce Wayne.  According to my chronology he is (as of February 2011) 48 years-old.  Does this seem too old?  Too young?  Maybe you’re thinking, “Bruce looks (is drawn to look) a hell of a lot younger than 48”.  Well, that argument can be thrown right out the window due to several factors.  Bruce has been re-generated by a Lazarus Pit (Birth of the Demon), healed by the Holy Grail (The Chalice), psychically healed by metahuman power (Knightquest), killed and resurrected magically (JLA: Obsidian Age), mended in an Apokoliptian healing-chamber (Superman/Batman: Torment), and nourished by the Fountain of Life at Nanda Parbat (Ressurection of Ra’s Al Ghul).  There’s a good chance Bruce will look young, fit, and healthy well past his prime.

Just thought I’d share it with you guys! I don’t get too heavy into continuity here, since we’re concerned with so many things that are OUT of continuity, but it’s sometimes fun to have a nod to it like this.

Read on at TRBCP to find out how the author got “48” and more information about Bat Family ages.

Also, it looks like the Batman Family of books is expanding even more with Batman Inc.

IGN Has a great interview up with Morrison that relates to this news.

You guys know I don’t like to get too heavy into possible spoiler details, since so many of us are behind the monthlies while waiting for trades, but basically it just looks like we’re not “losing” any Batmen, if you know what I mean.

Other awesome news? Commissioner Gordon is getting his own backup feature in Detective Comics. I think he should get his own ongoing. Love that bastard.

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