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By | Sunday, May 2, 2010 | 3:18 am | 0 Comments | Blog > Database Updates

I had a really long day at work, getting home just before 12, but I managed to get a few book updates in before collapsing. Here they are:

I also realized that I didn’t have to name cover images with underscores because it’s not the 90s anymore and my internet can handle spaces (especially because wordpress auto converts them and then uses the spaced file name for the image name… which looks a lot better without the underscores.) So I’ve started doing that a little differently. One day, if I’ve somehow finished everything else, I’ll go back and change the ones I’ve already uploaded.

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By | Saturday, May 1, 2010 | 2:30 am | 0 Comments | Blog > Database Updates

They’re not worked into the overall timeline yet, but I’ve added the rest of the Showcase Presents titles, making the database complete as far as I know for existing releases.

They do, however, show up on the Showcase Presents series page, just not in any real order (new ones anyway, the ones after these seem to show up just fine).

That’s all of them, I think (including  a couple forthcoming ones.) Anyone know one that you think I missed? Let me know!

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By | Friday, April 30, 2010 | 2:13 pm | 0 Comments | Blog > Database Updates

Changed the title header text and fixed the algorithm that determines the amount of books to display. It now includes all books in the database, not just those in the DC Universe Recommended Reading Order.

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By | Friday, April 30, 2010 | 1:46 pm | 0 Comments | Blog > Database Updates

I added an Image Universe list in anticipation of a future update.

I also got images and descriptions for the headers of all the new lists.

Marvel Universe and Image Universe – I wanted to be very clear that these lists are not really active yet. Hence the caution tape.

Ultimate Marvel Universe – A nice group action shot. Pretty straight forward. It was either this or a picture of Ultimate Nick Fury, but none of the ones I found were really that enticing.

Buffyverse – There are a lot of great illustrations from the new Dark Horse series, but I wanted to make sure I got one that showcased the same three goofballs from the first episode of the Buffy The Vampire Slayer TV Show. Check.

America’s Best Comics – Another relatively straightforward group shot.

Fables – None of the awesome cover illustrations I found really cropped down well, so I went with this one. I’m a sucker for cheesy stuff like this.

Unplaced Books – I think of this section as a kind of limbo, so it makes sense to go with an Animal Man image from Grant Morrison‘s run.

That’s it for now. Next update will probably be some comparatively minor tweaks.

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By | Friday, April 30, 2010 | 11:15 am | 0 Comments | Blog > Database Updates

Holy CSV Database Import, Batman!

I formatted the rest of my spreadsheet database to let me upload it and shot it through the net tubes.

Of course, none of these books have full information and many of them don’t even have the partial information that the books in the DC Universe list have (such as issue publication date) but they all will have that information eventually. This way you can at least see what I’m working on, though, and I can start playing with layout and getting the code working so there are separate character databases for different publication universes and so on.

Here’s the skinny on the new books.

Vertigo Universe

Large amount of books added to the Vertigo Universe page! There was a small error in post order when uploading so there is no real reading order on that page yet, but I added all the Hellblazer, Sandman, Lucifer, and related trades that I had in my database.

Wildstorm Universe

Similar situation with Wildstorm. The books are kinda sorted into sections for each title, but not in a reading order really. I added all the books I had so far for Stormwatch, The Authority, Midnighter, Kev, Planetary and a few others.

Marvel Universe

Hooboy, this is gonna be the big one. Honestly, this is so far from completion that I’m not even considering it started. There’s a few books in there, but no reading order and in no way even a comprehensive listing of Marvel trades. It’s basically up so I can start testing differentiating between Marvel and DC in search functions, and so on. I’m not even going to think of starting putting a reading order together until DC is DONE.

Ultimate Marvel

However, there is a glimmer of hope for spider-fans, cause the Ultimate Marvel Universe reading order is pretty sound. It seems to have imported correctly and all the books are in reading order (and I’ve read them in this order and it works great!) It’s a tiny bit out of date, but for the most part should be helpful!


This reading order is also complete. It includes all the Buffy, Angel, and Spike comics available in trade (as well as a couple other random things that fit in) and worked perfectly. I put this order together before reading any of these comics and it was a thoroughly enjoyable trip to read them all for the first time following this list. As a huge Joss Whedon fan, I had to get this up as soon as possible.

America’s Best Comics

These might be linked in only the loosest of ways (really just by an imprint, kinda?) but I put them all on one list for now. Includes everything (that I knew of when I put it in the spreadsheet way back when) from League of Extraordinary Gentlemen to Tom Strong.


Fables started out as a self contained series, but since there were recently three titles coming out in floppy issues I figured it was time for a reading order. This list is in order and includes Fables, the OGN, Jack of Fables, and the Crossover volume.

Unplaced Books

Lastly, this is a category for unplaced books (obviously). This could be anything from a DC or Vertigo volume that hasn’t been put into the timeline or list yet or any self contained title that happened to be in my database (like Concrete or Transmetropolitan.)

Stay tuned for more updates today as I work these new books and lists into the site, add header descriptions and images, and try not to overwhelm myself.

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