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Reverse of the norm, I'm getting more and more into comics as I get older. Throughout my youth, I read comics on and off as they were available in the local convenient story. I only read X-Men. Then I began to travel quite a distance to comic stores looking for X-Men back issues. In the comic stores, an issue of Witchblade struck my eye, and I followed Michael Turner from Witchblade to Fathom. Also, I collected Tellos and maybe some other series for a handful of issues. Once in high school, I stopped reading comic books for the most part. It wouldn't be until a really bad first year of college that I returned to the form. I would roam the bookstore during down time from classes and I saw the HCs Vol. 1 and 2 to New X-Men. The cover to 1 looked odd, so I went with 2 (and felt guilty spending every penny for buying it retail). But the story was amazing--Riot at Xavier's! I rushed back and bought volume 2. In the years since I've escalated more and more into X-Men. But I just followed the trail from New X-Men to Astonishing X-Men to Messiah Complex. However, more and more, I'm interested in the form as a reader and writer. Now, I've expanded my repertoire more into DC comics as the three big crisis events of DC (Identity, Infinite, Final) have interested me more than the big events at Marvel (M, Invasion, Dark Reign, Civil War, Siege). Final Crisis has been a gateway into exploring DC's past and future while the Marvel events just seem like a big block of books. Now that Marvel's heroic age is under way, I be jumping on there with Secret Avengers, Young Avengers, and some other titles but it'll be time before they are collected. So, in Marvel, I'm reading large runs (Bendis's Daredevil, Brubaker's Captain America) and with this site's help (along with blogs and Amazon's Listmania) I have finally created my ultimate DC reading list from Identity Crisis to Final Crisis.

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