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Now you can find all your DC Universe wishes.

I’ve figured out a way to display a list of all the DC books outside your collection. I could do the same with Marvel, but this method isn’t especially graceful, resulting in a LOT of server load.

Basically, it pulls up all the books and then checks each one to see if you have it already. If you do, it doesn’t display it – but it still does the work.

Since there are twice as many Marvel books as DC, this method just results in the server crashing. I can’t afford to increase the memory allowed for it right now.

As it is, even though it takes some time, it DOES work for DC well enough. Once we finish streamlining the collection plugin, this kind of thing will be possible on every list (just letting it show you the ones you need, etc.) Completionists rejoice! Well, get ready to rejoice at some point in the future.

You can see the Alphabetical listing of all your “to collect” books here. This one has links to amazon, etc, so you can try and find the book you want easily.

I also made a Plain Text version, which should be easy for you to print or copy into an email/forum post/whatever. It may be obvious, but these lists will only work if you’ve logged in.

If you don’t have any DC books collected through the site, you’ll just see the full list.

Since these lists are so server intensive right now (it takes 3933 database queries to generate!), I’m not linking them directly from anywhere in the navigation. Kind of like a public secret feature, like the Recent Updates page.

It’s quite possible that if more than one person is trying to generate the list at the same time, it will crash for one of them. If you see a 500 Server Error then wait about a minute and try again. Please don’t refresh like a madman or you will take down the site – I’m trusting you guys here. ;)

Also, I updated some Spider-Man books.

The following books have been moved together on the timeline, right after .

As Marc noted, they’re meant to be read at once and are confusing interspersed with the other Spider-Man books coming out at the time.

Marvel Knights Spider-Man Vol. 1
Marvel Knights Spider-Man Vol. 1: Down Among The Dead Men
Marvel Knights Spider-Man Vol. 2: Venomous
Marvel Knights Spider-Man Vol. 3: The Last Stand

That’s all for today! I’m pretty excited about the wishlist myself, because while for a lot of people it might seem HUGE, I’ve only got 500 or so books left until I complete my DC collection. One of my life goals is so close – if I get 5 books a month, that’s only 100 months, under 9 years!

Of course, they keep putting out new books. I’ll have to make some more money ;)

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  1. Chris D. wrote on at April 30, 2011 9:27 pm:

    Such a fantastic update and new ability! Thanks Ian :-)


    Ian replied on April 30th, 2011 at 9:29 pm:

    No problem! Very welcome. Basically (and the whole site works this way) I just try and work on stuff that would be useful to me as a collector – I assume it would also be useful to others!


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