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A lot of the new theme functions are now working properly, making it much easier for me to find, edit, tag, and categorize posts. Not a huge amount of visible improvements on the user end, but I did add a lot of tags and categories while testing, so there is some increased value from the last few hours.

I also made a list of upcoming (hopefully) features:

  • Drop Shadow Roll-over on Cover Thumbnails
  • Hotsearch to find an item in timeline without leaving page
  • Search-All box that reads all metadata/custom fields
  • Highlight search results on search and filter pages
  • Custom category designs and backgrounds for the list views
  • Getting the custom category page display orders working for the alternative reading orders
  • news/update blog/feed/email list
  • export to printable checklist feature
  • next/previous book links on individual book pages
  • (possibly, if I like how it comes out) Static, quick-loading homepage with options, example book, and tag cloud (since the entire timeline loads very slow… but I kinda like having it be the first thing, since it’s the most important.)
  • adding custom taxonomies to the filter search
  • list by series (Elseworlds, Showcase Presents, Chronicles, etc – the taxonomies are there, just need to put this in the sidebar and take those out of the character tags
  • list/search by creator (author, artist, letterer, etc)
  • quick edit/inline editing (this is mainly for me, so I can work on getting the content in faster)
  • import my excel files of vertigo and wildstorm books… and much later my ultimate marvel and buffyverse timelines, after all the DC is totally functional
  • User-Submitted Tagging
  • Chat/mini-forum
  • TPB Publisher and publication date
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