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Here are tonight’s Reading Order book placements so far:

Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow?

Batman in The Eighties

Superman in The Eighties

DC Comics Classics Library: Batman: A Death in the Family

Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating the DC Universe Book 1

Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating the DC Universe Book 2

Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating the DC Universe Book 3 (I also added these to the Elseworlds list, and the Crossover Marvel/DC list, cause.. well, why not?)

Catwoman: Nine Lives of a Feline Fatale

El Diablo: The Haunted Horseman

Vigilante: City Lights, Prairie Justice

Jack Kirby’s The Losers Omnibus

The Boy Commandos By Joe Simon and Jack Kirby

America At War: The Best of DC War Comics (Found this recently on ebay for very cheap – normally it seems to go for quite high prices. I’m pretty excited because I had never heard of it before.)

Viking Prince by Joe Kubert

Sgt. Rock: The Lost Battalion

Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy

Sgt. Rock: Between Hell And A Hard Place

Unknown Soldier

Unknown Soldier Vol. 1: Haunted House

Unknown Soldier Vol. 2: Easy Kill

Unknown Soldier Vol. 3: Dry Season

Showcase Presents: Our Army At War Vol. 1 (New Solicitation! Does anyone know about these stories? Are they all WWII ones? If so, I’ll place it with the other WWII books. For now, it’s in there based on date, at the end of the Golden Age)

The Haunted Tank

Enemy Ace: War Idyll

Enemy Ace: War In Heaven

The War That Time Forgot Vol. 1

The War That Time Forgot Vol. 2

Not a bad haul. Hopefully I’ll have a couple more loads for you tonight.

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