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I added the breadcrumb trail (that was on the front page) to individual blog posts, which should make the navigation around the site a little easier. Right now it is above the byline/date, but the placement may not be final.

Most of my time tonight has been spent implementing the edition custom taxonomy. I played with having a “dc-edition” and “marvel-edition” and so on, but I think I’m settling on letting it work like “creator” – the same taxonomy used for all posts.

It may be confusing at first, because the “hardcover” list will list ALL hardcovers in the database, but I know I’m going to have to put some serious work into the filtering tools at some point, and I want people to be able to look for a list of hardcovers by a certain author and so on. If the hardcover lists are segmented by publisher or shared universe, that will give some trouble. Right now the filter doesn’t work with custom taxonomies, but I’m sure it will in the future – more and more functions are supported with custom taxonomies in wordpress every day, and it would be crazy if no one is working on it right now.

And if they’re not, I’ll just have to figure it out myself.

Anyway, the Tor archives are now marked as Hardcover and Oversized, but it only works in the backend. I’ll let you know when the functionality is public (and then again when enough books are tagged for it to actually be useful.)

All the Marvel books will be going up with edition tagging, so you’ll be able to look for a list of hardcover omnibus editions right away.

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