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A bunch of updates!

I added 19 books to the database and they are currently sitting on the Unplaced Books page. These are mainly upcoming releases.

The Batman: Jam Packed Action (Digest)
Justice League Unlimited: Jam Packed Action (Digest)
The Essential Showcase 1956-1959 (Just found this one, collected during the 70s? My copy is in the mail, I’ll let you know more once I’ve checked it out.)
Batman: Imposters (Softcover, Release August 16th 2011)
Aquaman: Death of the Prince (Softcover, Release July 5th 2011)
Batgirl: The Flood (Softcover, Release May 24th 2011)
Batman: Streets of Gotham Vol. 3: The House of Hush (Hardcover, Release August 2nd 2011)
Tales of The Batman: Gene Colan Vol. 1 (Hardcover, Release July 26th 2011)
First Wave (Hardcover, Release June 28th 2011)
Deadman Vol. 1 (Softcover, Release May 17th 2011)
JSA All-Stars: Glory Days (Softcover, Release May 24th 2011)
DC Universe: Legacies (Hardcover, Release August 30th 2011)
Justice League International Vol. 6 (Softcover, Release May 31st 2011)
Batman: Under The Red Hood (Softcover, Release May 10th 2011)
Birds Of Prey Vol. 1: Endrun (Hardcover, Release May 17th 2011)
Green Lantern: Brightest Day (Hardcover, Release June 2st 2011)
Green Lantern Corps: Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns (Hardcover, Release May 31st 2011)
Infinity Inc.: The Generations Saga Vol. 1 (Hardcover, Release June 28th 2011)
Legion Lost (Hardcover, Release June 21 2011)

I’ll sort them as I start making my way through the unplaced books again. For a long time I’d been concentrating on the Pre-Crisis parts of the DCU Recommended Reading Order, but it’s looking pretty tight now. I think I can turn back to focusing on the recent releases again. We’ve got a little catch up to do! Honestly, once we’re really up and going, I don’t want the unplaced books list to ever be over one page long.

I also moved Death: At Death’s Door (Digest) to be right after Sandman: Season of Mists since Gorblax reminded me that it is an alternate retelling of the storyline. I’ve got a lot of user suggestions/update/changes to make, but I’m working my way bit by bit through last months comments and will make the changes while doing other updates. Thanks for all the feedback and advice!

Speaking of which, I also added the individual issues of Time Masters: Vanishing Point to the Bruce Wayne: The Road Home reading order. Thanks to Duncan for the tip. I’m not sure about the placement yet, but I’m going by release dates.

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