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First – Congrats to Brian from Belmont, NC (TRO User DevilSoprano) who won the Sandman Mystery Theatre Giveaway.

Hope you are all as excited about the Flash trade currently up.

Now that we’ve spent some time on the front page, blog post, and sidebar designs, the database entry layout deserved a little attention. I wanted to do the same tightening things up there, and tweak anything else that needed it.

– I moved everything up a bit, trimming excess padding and margins to get more content near the top of the page.

– Switched the ordering of the amazon/ebay links (Did this for the listing pages also – I just more commonly use amazon as they also have info and reviews *shrug*)

-Moved Edit Link next to “add to my collection” (currently only matters for administrators)

– Set the post titles to have an h1 tag and formatted that tag to look nicer

– Fixed a “line height” bug that I hadn’t noticed because it only happened on very very long titles

-removed a superfluous table (nested in for no apparent reason. must have been drunk when I coded that.)

Not too many huge changes here, mainly just a little housecleaning. I’m going to change some of the [More Info] text eventually, but for now I think it’s ok (if not perfect on the novel pages).

I also added a couple new Series tags while writing that little “How I Got Into Comics” post:

There’s now a Milestone list tagged with the few books I thought of collecting those characters (off the top of my head) and a Death of Superman list. I’m not sure what else tied into that one, but I just put the three collections on there for now.

I’m also a little off schedule with my planned reviews and updates, so I’ll probably tweak some timestamps just to keep myself on task.

It’s easier for me to see my planned goal of one review per day if each one is set at a day (even if it went up three to a day and none on the previous, etc.)

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