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Just a little update with some recently changed books.

First of all, I moved the Earth X Trilogy. The Earth-X books were all moved way up the list to right after Heroes Reborn: The Return.

This is because it’s a big heft of pages and doesn’t really need to be anywhere in particular, as far as I can tell. Anywhere we placed it by date would be a little weird, and it should be read together (doesn’t need to be broken up by regular continuity.)

It starts in 1999, but putting it right there puts it right after the “Vol. 1” book of several primary ongoings, so I just moved it to the start of 1998.

That way, you basically take a break from 90s marvel and go into the new Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Inhumans ongoings as soon as you get back from your Earth-X journey.

I may be wrong about this placement, as it’s possible the books do get influenced by main continuity later. If so, let me know?

Here are the other updates – including some tweaking so Marvel Cosmic flows better. Thoughts?

Secret Invasion: Inhumans (Added “Marvel Cosmic” tag)
Annihilation: Conquest Book 2 (Moved it up against Annihilation: Conquest Book 1)
X-Men: Emperor Vulcan (Moved before A: Conquest Book 1)
Uncanny X-Men: Rise And Fall Of The Shi’ar Empire (Moved Before Annihilation Book 1)
The Dark Tower Book 1: The Gunslinger (This is the prose book, the others will be up soon. Thanks Simon!)
The Aladdin Effect (Added Cover)
Spider-Man: The Saga Of The Alien Costume (Added Cover)
New Mutants: The Demon Bear Saga (Added Cover)
Power Pack: Origin Album (Added Cover)
Batman: The Return Of Bruce Wayne (Deluxe Edition) (Tagged Jonah Hex)
Superman / Batman: Absolute Power (Tagged Jonah Hex)
Thor: I, Whom The Gods Would Destroy (Added Cover)
The Best Of Marvel Comics (Added Cover)
Elektra Saga (Added Cover)
Thing Classic Vol. 1 (Added Temporary Cover)
Spider-Man: The Origin Of The Hobgoblin (Added Cover)
Conan: Newspaper Strips Vol. 1 (Fixed typo in contents)

That’s it for now!

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  1. Marc wrote on at March 9, 2011 1:46 am:

    1998 seems a little early for Earth X. I’m inclined to say it’s more in keeping artistically and thematically with the Nu-Marvel era, around the start of 2001.


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