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Just was looking through the DC list tonight and seeing if there’s anything out of place. Fixed a couple books.

JLA: Heaven’s Ladder (was missing JLA Prefix)

Superman: Peace On Earth (fixed placement)

While I was going through I added some books I acquired in the past couple months to “my collection”. I’ve got 1391 books now! Nutto.

That’s just DC though. I know that it’s not really great how the lists in the profile view don’t separate by book type (DC vs Marvel, or Fables or whatever.) It’s something I want to figure out at some point, but it’s a tricky one. For now I’m just using the site to keep track of my DC stuff.

Once I get the marvel list up I’ll probably make a second profile to keep track of my books there, until I’ve figured out a better way to do it. (or somehow get the cash to hire someone to help with the code.)

Doing the daily reviews has been really great, but I’m fear I’m falling behind a little in placing new and upcoming releases on the reading order. I’m going to have to catch up soon. Or maybe I’ll just commit to doing at least a couple new book placements every day.

I know some of this is because I’ve been working on the Marvel list, and that when they are both up just adding new releases on both will be a lot easier, but I still feel a little bad about it. I guess it won’t be really pressing until most of the unplaced books are actually released, though.

On a side note, I’m thinking about removing the character tags from the DC companion volumes. I like having them on the site, but they’re a little awkwardly placed on the end of the reading lists. Well, I should either remove the character tags or place them by date relative to the main reading order, so when they show up in generated lists they are where they were released. I’ll get to it at some point.

It’s 4am! Goodnight guys.

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