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So, obviously I posted another review, but this one came with a set of challenges. It’s the first actual custom post type content on the site!

First, while creating it I had to fix the custom field information so it shows up correctly. Then I also had to get the thumbnails showing up on all the custom post types, which required a little theme function php file tweaking.

I also had to fix it so it shows up on the blog page, and then another hack so it shows up in the feed, and finally one more change to make it show up in the sidebar widget. Everything should be working correctly now.

Sorry for going a little long with that one, I couldn’t help a little rant about the technical details.

Tonight I’m going to try and start my next database update, probably finishing some time tomorrow. This one will include the Deluxe books, Absolutes, some upcoming releases, and a few other hardcovers and misc books not yet in the database.

Edit: uh oh, one of the fixes I put in seems to be resulting with the menu items ALSO being in the feed. Weird! This may sort itself out on its own, after they’re in there once, but I’m gonna try and see if I can find a fix anyway.

Update: looks like I fixed it, but let me know if anything weird hits your feed reader or email!

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