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Alright, hot on the heels of the list of DC Deluxe Edition hardcovers, here’s what I’ve got for the Absolute editions:

Absolute Dark Knight
Absolute Batman: The Long Halloween
Absolute Batman: Hush
Absolute Crisis On Infinite Earths
Absolute DC: The New Frontier
Absolute Death
Absolute Green Lantern: Rebirth
Absolute Justice
Absolute Kingdom Come
Absolute Sandman 1
Absolute Sandman 2
Absolute Sandman 3
Absolute Sandman 4
Absolute Superman: For Tomorrow
Absolute All Star Superman
Absolute Watchmen
JLA/Avengers: Collector’s Edition (Oversized Hardcover) – Basically an Absolute
The World’s Greatest Super-Heroes (Oversized Hardcover) – Basically an Absolute
Absolute The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume I
Absolute The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume II
Absolute The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Black Dossier
Absolute Promethea Book 1
Absolute Promethea Book 2
Absolute Ronin
Absolute V For Vendetta
Absolute Authority Volume 1
Absolute Authority Volume 2
Absolute Danger Girl
Absolute Planetary 1
Absolute Planetary 2

Also, there are these other hardcover collections. I’m trying to find any hardcovers that collect anything differently (say two trades worth of material) or in a different format (oversized, etc) from the paperbacks. I don’t think I’ll have separate entries for hardcover and softcover release if the only thing that is different is the literal cover, but these ones are labeled differently and vary a lot from the other collections of similar material:

Starman Omnibus, Volume 1
Starman Omnibus, Volume 2
Starman Omnibus, Volume 3
Starman Omnibus, Volume 4
Starman Omnibus, Volume 5
Starman Omnibus, Volume 6
The Death and Return of Superman Omnibus
Seven Soldiers of Victory Book 1 (Hardcover)
Seven Soldiers of Victory Book 2 (Hardcover)
Gotham Central Book 1: In The Line of Duty
Gotham Central Book 2: Jokers and Madmen
Gotham Central Book 3: On The Freak Beat
Gotham Central Book 4: Corrigan

So that’s what I’ve got so far! Obviously there are some other hardcovers already in the database (all the archives, most pre-crisis hardcover collections like the Kirby stuff  and that Deadman collection.) But if there are any post-crisis hardcover collections you know about not listed on this site already, let me know!

Once I’ve got a nod on this from you guys, I’ll finish up this info and get it onto the site!

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