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Alright, we’ve been talking about it more (caution, spoilers in that thread) and I’ve been leafing through book after book and I think I’ve got the new placement for Lex Luthor: Man Of Steel. Unfortunately, it triggered a shuffling of the early Superman books.

Superman: Kryptonite is now before Superman: Birthright. Even though the start of Birthright is earlier, the end could easily be later. They directly conflict anyway, so don’t worry too much about them making sense. With anything.  (just like any other dc retcon).

Daniel realized (and I confirm, direct from the book) that post crisis lex doesn’t really have any idea what Kryptonite is before pulling it from Metallo’s chest, so Lex Luthor: Man Of Steel has to be later than Superman: The Man Of Steel Vol. 2.

So I’m placing it there, right after, on page 9 of the RRO. It’s as good a place as any for this book, something that simply isn’t designed to make sense in a DC timeline – the book directly contradicts itself, let alone just other books.

Feel free to read over the comments where we came to that decision if you want a headache along with us. :)

Now, I’m gonna go to sleep because I’m super-pooped.

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