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I’ve decided that in order to be most useful to collectors, I’ll have to have two sets of information for books that have a hardcover and softcover that collects the same contents (different contents are always different entries in the database).

But for something like “Agents of Atlas: Dark Reign” and “Agents of Atlas: Dark Reign Premiere Hardcover” (which seems to actually be a fancy way to say not oversized, omnibus, or special edition – for the most part, premiere means normal I guess) – which is the most common release configuration – it doesn’t make sense to have two seperate entries. Rather, I’ll just have to make the system work with one entry, but two amazon links (and other links in the future), two sets of ISBN numbers, and a new custom taxonomy so you can sort books by Softcover, Hardcover, Oversized, and so on.

The collected edition publication date will remain one field and should be filled out according to whatever release was the earliest.

We’ve talked about some of this stuff before, but while I’m gathering information for the big Marvel update, I’m already getting both sets for these books. So expect the site to be changed to be ready for that future update, probably sometime in this next week.

The DC list won’t be populated with that information for some time (and links will be in the wrong field for a bit right after the changeover) but the Marvel list will upload with all this information already attached to each database entry.

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