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First of all, congrats to Jedediah from Lincoln, NE (TRO user Topicality) who won the Superman Chronicles Vol. 1 giveaway! Jedediah, your book will be in the mail on monday.

On to the update: Today we’ve finished adding covers and publication information to all the Lucifer books, plus adding a header, making the Lucifer Reading Order look nice and pretty.

Here are the books that were updated:

Lucifer: The Devil In The Gateway

Lucifer: Children and Monsters

Lucifer: A Dalliance With The Damned

Lucifer: Nirvana

Lucifer: The Divine Comedy

Lucifer: Inferno

Lucifer: Mansions of the Silence

Lucifer: Exodus

Lucifer: The Wolf Beneath the Tree

Lucifer: Crux

Lucifer: Morningstar

Lucifer: Evensong

One of my favorite series. If you haven’t checked it out before now, keep in mind that it’s highly recommended.

I’ve still got to tag our favorite fallen son in the Sandman books, but those will come as soon as I can get to them. Perhaps my next database update!

I also updated the next Tor book, collecting the 2008 miniseries, in anticipation of my review tonight. If I can, I might be able to get two reviews in during one day! Ah, I love days off from my day job :)

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