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So I’ve been going through and adding all the DCU books I’ve got to My Collection. I wanna see how it works with a really big collection, for one thing, for another, it would be cool to know exactly how many books I have! Once I’m done, I’ll probably want to fix up a way that we can all share our collections with each other.. you know, just so I can show off ;)

I’ve noticed a few mis-placements:

The Adam Strange Archives Vol. 2 (This was placed about 100 books too early somehow, probably a typo. It’s been fixed!)

DC Animated: Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm Movie Adaptation (This was placed by exact date, when it should have been placed with the rest of the DC animated books in the first animated interlude – it’s possible the placing policy will change for these titles in the future, but for now I’m leaving them all in a little clump around certain key releases or periods)

And a few minor tweaks (mostly noticed by Alex):

Tales Of The Batman: Tim Sale (listed as “Time Sale” for some reason. I know, I know.)

Green Arrow Vol. 3: Archer’s Quest (Though originally released as Vol. 4, this one actually collects stuff that came before what was originally released as Vol. 3. It’s been corrected on the DC website, so we’re updating the title of this listing, but honestly I don’t know if the actual trade was re-released with the right number on it. Can anyone verify?)

Power Girl (Updated included contents)

I’m on page 14/33 of the Recommended Reading Order right now, so I’ll probably notice more as I go through. Stay tuned!

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