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So, in order to make the Modern Age retcon books dovetail more gracefully with their Silver Age counterparts, I’ve moved the introduction of Robin to just before the first Silver Age Showcase Book. This is mainly because the new Archive additions will include appearances by Robin just after Showcase Presents: Strange Adventures.
It’s a little odd, because the book in question, World’s Finest Comics Archives Vol. 1, kind of has one foot in the golden age, but I’d say the stories around 1956 could be considered early Silver Age work.

In any case, it would be weird to see Robin before he is re-introduced, and after some consideration I think it works best like this.

The books that have been moved are:

Batman: Dark Victory

Batman: The Gauntlet

Robin: Year One

Batman: Full Circle

Batman: Scarecrow and Two-Face: Year One

You can see them in their new placements on Page 4 of the Recommended Reading Order.

I know this doesn’t jive perfectly with JLA: Year One, but that book is a constant pain in the neck continuity wise and… well, you gotta break a few eggs.

Also tweaked:

The Flash: Born to Run (to be placed right after the introduction of Kid Flash in issue 110 of the Silver Age series)

Green Lantern / Green Arrow / Batman: The Ring, The Arrow, and the Bat (to line up with these other changes)

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