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Dan mentioned (while submitting his upcoming review) that there didn’t seem to be feedback as to whether the submission went through.

There was a small green box that shows up under the submission form with confirmation text, but it was showing up below the huge block of explanation/small print – making it easy to miss.

I moved the confirmation up above the block of explanation text, so it should now show up right under the “send” button. Thanks Dan!

Another quick note about reviews – a few of you guys have been submitting a lot and I’m insanely excited and thankful about that.

I’m going to try and figure out some way to highlight reviewers with an author list, or something. I’ll figure that out and where to put it soon.

I’m also working on some user profile / user listing tweaks/additions as suggested, but it’s kind of half assed until I finish with the marvel books.

Hard to switch from the three modes – Data Entry / Programming / Writing. Still mainly in Data Entry right now, but I’ll flip the toggle on my positronic brain soon.

Oh, by the way, a bit of a Deal Feature as my pal Anthony (who I’ve gotten a few hundred of my dc books from) has posted some new stuff up on ebay. Right now it’s just DC Archives, but he even lowered his price to 22.99 now. I’ve already got all the books I need/can afford, but figured you might be interested!

Marvel Updates: These updates are reflected in alphabetical order on the main text list (now 2546 books!)

I’ll list all the updates below here – there’s gonna be a lot! These will just be in the order they are added to the offline database.

If no thanks/source is listed, I found the book via Amazon browsing or recommendation. It took a couple days to find all these stragglers, but I honestly think we must be very close now to having a complete list!

1. The Loners: The Secret Lives of Super Heroes (Found this one in my own collection!)
2. Conan Vol. 10: Iron Shadows In The Moon
3. Immortal Weapons (thanks to Fnord!)
4. Marvel Comics Legacy: The 1960s-1990s Handbook (thanks to Fnord!)
5. Chronicles of Conan Volume 21: Blood of the Titan and Other Stories
6. Vengeance of Moon Knight Vol. 1: Shock and Awe
7. Vengeance of Moon Knight Vol. 2
8. Iron Man: Official Index to the Marvel Universe
9. Spider-Man: Official Index to the Marvel Universe
10. Official Index to the Marvel Universe: Uncanny X-Men
11. Marvel Comics 70th Anniversary Collection
12. Marvel Comics in the 1960s: An Issue-By-Issue Field Guide to a Pop Culture Phenomenon (a note, all these companion volumes will have a separate taxonomy like the dc companion volumes.)
13. Avengers: I Am An Avenger Vol. 1
14. Avengers: I Am An Avenger Vol. 2
15. Marvel Masters: The Art of John Byrne
16. Marvel Masters: The Art of John Romita Sr.
17. Marvel Masters: The Art of John Romita Jr.
18. Marvel Masters: The Art of Jim Lee
19. Marvel Masters: The Tales of Kurt Busiek & The Art of John Romita Sr. & John Romita Jr.
20. Avengers / Invaders
21. The Marvel Art of Joe Quesada
22. Spider-Man: Newspaper Strips Vol. 1
23. The Torch
24. Marvel Masters: The Tales of Chris Claremont
25. Marvel Masters: The British Invasion Vol. 1
26. Marvel Masters: The British Invasion Vol. 2
27. Marvels: Eyes of The Camera
28. The Marvel Art of Marko Djurdjevic
29. Timely 70th Anniversary Collection
30. Spider-Man: Newspaper Strips Vol. 2
31. Marvel Masterworks: Doctor Strange Vol. 5
32. Marvel Masterworks: The Mighty Thor Vol. 10
33. Marvel Masterworks: The Fantastic Four Vol. 13
34. Marvel Masterworks: Daredevil Vol. 6
35. Marvel Masterworks: Iron Fist Vol. 1
36. Marvel Masterworks: Atlas Era Venus Vol. 1
37. Marvel Masterworks: Atlas Era Strange Tales Vol. 4
38. Marvel Masterworks: Atlas Era Battlefield Vol. 1
39. Marvel Masterworks: Atlas Era Black Knight / Yellow Claw Vol. 1
40. Marvel Masterworks: Jungle Adventure Vol. 2
41. Deathlok: The Demolisher (Thanks Jay)
42. Captain America / Black Panther: Flags of our Fathers
43. Spider-Man: Anti-Venom
44. Venom: Dark Origin (Thanks Jay)
45. Spider-Man: Peter Parker
46. Spider-Man: Jackpot
47. Black Panther: Power
48. Webslinger: Unauthorized Essays On Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man
49. Comics Creators on Spider-Man
50. Comics Creators on Fantastic Four
51. Comics Creators on X-Men
52. The Unauthorized X-Men
53. X-Men and Philosophy: Astonishing Insight and Uncanny Argument in the Mutant X-Verse
54. Spider-Man: Fever
55. Iron Man and Philosophy: Facing the Stark Reality
56. Captain America and the Struggle of the Superhero: Critical Essays
57. Assembled!: Five Decades of Earth’s Mightiest Unauthorized Opinions, Analysis, and More!
58. Assembled! 2: The Unauthorized Guide to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Villains
59. Iron Man: Beneath The Armor
60. Iron Manual
61. The Wolverine Files (this was going for just 1 cent on amazon so I couldn’t resist ordering one myself, haha)
62. Avengers: Standoff
63. Venom: Lethal Protector (Thanks Jay)
64. Venom: Separation Anxiety (Thanks Jay)
65. Nomad: Girl Without A World (Thanks Jay)
66. Models, Inc. (Thanks Jay)
67. The ‘Nam Vol. 1 (Thanks again, Jay, for reminding me about The ‘Nam, which actually ended up being a Punisher crossover, so should be included.)
68. The ‘Nam Vol. 2
69. The ‘Nam Vol. 3
70. The ‘Nam Vol. 1 (new editions)
71. The ‘Nam Vol. 2
72. The Best Of Marvel Comics (Thanks to etragedy for telling me about the “best of” collections)
73. The Very Best of Marvel Comics
74. The Best of Marvel 1994
75. The Best of Marvel 1995
76. The Best of Marvel 1996
77. Giant-Size Marvel
78. Marvel’s Greatest Super-Battles
79. Atlas: Return of the Three Dimensional Man (Thanks to Steve for some Agents of Atlas corrections)
80. Gorilla Man
81. Knights of Pendragon Vol. 1 (Thanks to timber-munki)
82. 1985 (Thanks to timber-munki)
83. Marvel Apes

All of the following until the transformers books found via Chris’s release lists at CollectedComicsLibrary.com)

84. Marvel Romance
85. Marvel Romance Redux: Another Kind Of Love
86. Marvel Legacy 1960s Handbook (couldn’t find on Amazon, but know these prestige releases are out there)
87. Marvel Legacy 1970s Handbook
88. Marvel Legacy 1980s Handbook
89. Marvel Legacy 1990s Handbook
90. Psi-Force Classic Vol. 1
91. World War Hulk: The Incredible Hercules
92. Captain America: The Chosen
93. Spider-Man J: Japanese Knights
94. Spider-Man Family: Itsy-Bitsy Battles
95. American Dream: Beyond Courage
96. Mythos
97. GeNext
98. GeNext: United
99. Hulk: Giant-Size
100. Spider-Man: Amazing Friends
101. Wolverine: Tales of Weapon X
102. Wolverine: Dangerous Games
103. Wolverine: Logan Black and White
104. Spider-Man: Spider-Women
105. Spider-Man J: Japanese Daze
106. X-Men: The End Trilogy
107. Doctor Doom And The Masters Of Evil
108. Marvel Super Hero Team-Up
109. Marvel Apes: The Evolution Starts Here
110. Spider-Man: The Short Halloween
111. Iron Man / Captain America
112. Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Ham
113. Spider-Man & The Secret Wars
114. Vampire Tales Vol. 1
115. X-Men: We Are The X-Men
116. Captain America: Theater Of War
117. Super Hero Squad: Hero Up!
118. Super Hero Squad: Super Stars
119. Super Hero Squad: Get Yer Hero On
120. Super Hero Squad: Infinity Sword Quest
121. Marvel Super Hero Squad: Infinity Sword Quest
122. Heralds
123. Thor And The Warriors Four
124. Marvel Her-Oes
125. Darkstar And The Winter Guard
126. Captain America: The 1940’s Newspaper Strip
127. Hercules: Twilight Of A God
128. X-Campus
129. The Rawhide Kid: The Sensational Seven
130. Hit-Monkey
131. One Month To Live
132. Ka-Zar By Mark Waid & Andy Kubert Vol. 1
133. Spider-Man: Animal Magnetism
134. Avengers & The Infinity Gauntlet
135. Vampire Tales Vol. 2
136. X-Force: Under The Gun
137. West Coast Avengers: Family Ties
138. X-Men: Alpha Flight
139. Captain America: Forever Allies
140. Captain America: Patriot
141. Thor: Thunderstrike
142. Thing: Liberty Legion
143. Dr. Strange: Into The Dark Dimension

I also found a bunch more with some more Amazon Recommendations.

144. X-Men: Famous Firsts
145. The Very Best of the X-Men
146. Fantastic Firsts
147. The Twelve Vol. 1
148. The Twelve Vol. 2
149. Exiles: Point of No Return
150. Spider-Man: Family Ties
151. The Villainy of Doctor Doom
152. Spider-Man and the Human Torch
153. Iron Man: The End
154. New Avengers: The Reunion

Now I’ve also got to add these to the main list in the previous blog post. But I’ve also made a lot of deletions and title fixes, mainly with Marc’s help. So I’m just gonna wait until I’ve got all the books in and re-export the whole thing.

Finally, there is a TON of Transformers. Thanks to Ryard for reminding me about Transformers, and their Marvel U roots and tie ins. Oh dear, do we have to add them all now?

Just like the Conan books or the Vertigo books on the DC list, they started out in marvel continuity, but only 14 out of 100 or so books are in the Marvel U. I haven’t quite decided what to do with these yet. You can view our discussion in this thread. I’ll include a little poll at the bottom – let me know what you think.

155. Transformers Vol. 1: Beginnings
156. Transformers Vol. 2: New Order
157. Transformers Vol. 3: Cybertron Redux
158. Transformers Vol. 4: Showdown
159. Transformers Vol. 5: Breakdown
160. Transformers Vol. 6: Treason
161. Transformers Vol. 7: Trial by Fire
162. Transformers Vol. 8: Maximum Force
163. Transformers Vol. 9: Dark Star
164. Transformers Vol. 10: Last Stand
165. Transformers Vol. 11: Primal Scream
166. Transformers Vol. 12: Matrix Quest
167. Transformers Vol. 13: All Fall Down
168. Transformers Vol. 14: End of the Road
169. Transformers: Evolutions
170. Transformers: The Gathering
171. Transformers: The Gathering Manga
172. Transformers: The Ascending
173. Transformers: Beast Wars Sourcebook
174. Transformers: Dark Designs
175. Transformers: Rage in Heaven
176. Transformers: Dinobot Hunt
177. Transformers: Second Generation
178. Transformers: Target: 2006
179. Transformers: Prey
180. Transformers: Fallen Angel
181. Transformers: Time Wars
182. Transformers: Legacy of Unicron
183. Transformers: Space Pirates
184. Transformers: City of Fear
185. Transformers: Armada Vol. 1
186. Transformers: Armada Vol. 2
187. Transformers: Armada Vol. 3
188. Transformers: Energon Vol. 1
189. Transformers: Generation One Vol. 1
190. Transformers: Generation One Vol. 2: War and Peace
191. Transformers: The War Within Vol. 1
192. Transformers: The War Within Vol. 2
193. Transformers: All Hail Megatron Vol. 1
194. Transformers: All Hail Megatron Vol. 2
195. Transformers: All Hail Megatron Vol. 3
196. Transformers: All Hail Megatron Vol. 4
197. Transformers: War Within Omnibus
198. Transformers: Maximum Dinobots
199. Transformers: Megatron Origin
200. Transformers Spotlight: Revelation
201. Transformers: Spotlight Vol. 1
202. Transformers: Spotlight Vol. 2
203. Transformers: Spotlight Vol. 3
204. Transformers: Stormbringer
205. Transformers: Stormbringer Manga
206. Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers
207. Transformers: Beast Wars Omnibus
208. Transformers: Devastation
209. Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye Vol. 1
210. Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye Vol. 2
211. Transformers: Escalation
212. Transformers: The IDW Collection Vol. 1
213. Transformers: The IDW Collection Vol. 2
214. Transformers: The IDW Collection Vol. 3
215. Transformers: Classic Transformers Vol. 1
216. Transformers: Classic Transformers Vol. 2
217. Transformers: Classic Transformers Vol. 3
218. Transformers: Classic Transformers Vol. 4
219. Transformers: Classic Transformers Vol. 5
220. Transformers: Classic Transformers Vol. 6
221. Transformers: Complete Transformers Ark
222. Transformers: G.I. Joe Vs. The Transformers Vol. 1
223. Transformers: G.I. Joe Vs. The Transformers Vol. 2
224. Transformers: G.I. Joe Vs. The Transformers Vol. 3
225. Transformers: G.I. Joe Vs. The Transformers Omnibus
226. Transformers: The Ultimate Guide
227. Transformers: Generation One
228. Transformers: The Best Of Don Figueroa
229. Transformers: The Best Of Simon Furman
230. Transformers: Best of UK Omnibus
231. Transformers: Best of Starscream
232. Transformers: Best of Grimlock
233. Transformers: Premiere Edition Volume 1
234. Transformers: Premiere Edition Volume 2
235. Transformers: Prime
236. Transformers: Sector 7
237. Transformers Vol. 1: For All Mankind
238. Transformers Vol. 2
239. Transformers: Bumblebee
240. Transformers: Ironhide
241. Transformers: Nefarious
242. Transformers: Tales of the Fallen
243. Transformers: Drift
244. Transformers: The Ark 2
245. Transformers: The Best of Megatron
246. Transformers: The Best of Optimus Prime
247. Transformers: Infiltration
248. Transformers: Infiltration Manga
249. Transformers: The Greatest Battles of Optimus Prime and Megatron
250. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Movie Adaptation
251. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Movie Prequel – Defiance
252. Transformers: The Movie
253. Transformers: The Movie Prequel
254. Transformers: Movie Sequel: The Reign of Starscream
255. Transformers Movie Prequel: Saga Of The Allspark
256. Transformers Movie Collection Vol. 1
257. Transformers Movie Collection Vol. 2
258. Transformers: Armada Omnibus
259. Transformers: Generations Vol. 1
260. Transformers: Dinobots
261. Transformers: Aspects of Evil
262. Transformers: Way of the Warriors
263. Transformers: Earthforce
264. Transformers: Perchance to Dream
265. Transformers: Fallen Star
266. Transformers: Animated Movie Adaptation
267. Transformers Animated: The Arrival
268. Transformers Animated: The Allspark Almanac
269. Transformers Animated: The Allspark Almanac Vol. 2
270. Transformers Animated Vol. 1
271. Transformers Animated Vol. 2
272. Transformers Animated Vol. 3
273. Transformers Animated Vol. 4
274. Transformers Animated Vol. 5
275. Transformers Animated Vol. 6
276. Transformers Animated Vol. 7
277. Transformers Animated Vol. 8
278. Transformers Animated Vol. 9
279. Transformers Animated Vol. 10
280. Transformers Animated Vol. 11
281. Transformers Animated Vol. 12
282. Transformers Animated Vol. 13
283. Transformers Animated Vol. 14
284. Transformers Animated Vol. 15
285. Transformers Animated Omnibus Vol. 1
286. Transformers Prime Vol. 1

Here’s that Transformers Poll:

[poll id=”6″]

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20 Comments Post New »

  1. Simon wrote on at January 4, 2011 5:51 pm:

    I would go with a separate list for the Transformers series due to fact I am interested in collecting it and do my very best to avoid Marvel at all costs!

    Just submitted another review for you as well, taking my tally up to 5 in two days! When there is more work to avoid being done, I am likely to write a fair few in one go again.

    You obviously have been very busy recently with updating the site and hopefully these reviews will help ensure that you can afford to take your time to get the Marvel list perfect.

    Very excited to see the list once it is up, as Steve Perry once sang “Don’t stop believin”.


    Ian replied on January 4th, 2011 at 5:57 pm:

    haha, thanks Simon. I’m leaning towards a separate list as well – it would allow me to really finesse it, which, since through several publishers, animated and movie continuities, it probably needs!


  2. duncanpr wrote on at January 4, 2011 10:47 pm:

    Glad I could help! :)


  3. Ryard wrote on at January 5, 2011 12:54 am:

    Yeah, totally voted for a specialized Transformers section…or even a Hasbro section that could also include G.I. Joe.


    Ian replied on January 5th, 2011 at 7:53 am:

    I thought about that, but the GI Joe crossover is self contained in its OWN universe. hooboy


    Ryard replied on January 5th, 2011 at 9:32 pm:

    Not sure what you mean by that…the original G.I. Joe vs Transformers, while questionably in the Joe universe, was definitively in the Transformers one (with Bumblebee upgrading to Goldbug). But then the issue of was it in the official Joe universe was answered when events in the later issues of G.I. Joe led directly into the Generation Two series (Destro’s transforming castle was mistaken for a Decepticon. Makes perfect sense). While the Marvel Transformers continuity ended with Generation Two, the Joe continuity was continued by Devil’s Due, and has been re-continued (ignoring, as far as I can tell, Devil’s Due continuation stories but not their origin stories) by IDW’s Real American Hero series. And do NOT get me started on the Action Force issues.

    The Devil’s Due/Dreamwave Joe/Transformers were their own thing though, yeah.

    And God help me I shouldn’t know that off the top of my head. I need help.


    Ian replied on January 5th, 2011 at 9:52 pm:

    It’s possible I was misinformed or wherever I read it was only referring to the devil’s due stuff. It seems all three trades here were published by Devil’s Due?

    hahah I think I’ll be consulting you when/if we get around to our hasbro/transformers/little play toys list.


  4. Marc wrote on at January 5, 2011 11:58 pm:

    Would it be possible to include just the Marvel issues of Transformers on the Marvel list (i.e., the “Classic Transformers” trades)? Or does it have to be all Marvel or all separate?


    Ian replied on January 6th, 2011 at 12:06 am:

    What’s keeping me from just going ahead and doing that is that we’d have to have separate database entries for all 14 of those books. So that means 14 duplicate entries. I dunno.. maybe that’s less of a big deal than I think, but I could see it confusing people who are just searching for books to add to their collections, etc. It’s already kind of a problem with some lists.

    The main problem is that I can’t give things two different sort values, and the lists all technically are going to start overlapping. In “time” actually, if that makes it any easier to understand, since each book is assigned a date value to sort it.


    I don’t know, I probably should have been bright enough to figure out some way to give each book a separate sort value for separate lists and have each list simply display by that list’s sort value system, but I had no idea the site was going to get this complex when I originally came up with the system. Y2K style issue, haha.


    Marc replied on January 6th, 2011 at 4:03 am:

    In that case, I’d say leave Transformers out of the Marvel list for now. I kind of feel the same way about Conan and G.I. Joe, honestly. It doesn’t make much sense (to me) to have, for example, some random Cobra Commander miniseries listed right alongside New Avengers. None of those series ever affected Marvel continuity in a major way, and any issues in which they actually interacted with Marvel characters are unlikely to ever be reprinted again. If you eventually find a way to include them on more than one list, though, you could always add the Marvel series back in.


    Ian replied on January 6th, 2011 at 9:44 am:

    I don’t know why I feel like I should leave all the conan stuff in. My gut is telling me it’s more a part of the marvel u, but maybe I should just put it on a separate list. You’re right that it doesn’t interact too too much.


    Ryard replied on January 6th, 2011 at 2:25 pm:

    Transformers and Joe, yeah…I actually tend to agree about leaving them out, since they aren’t really part of the MU proper, Transformers/New Aventers notwithstanding. However, the Marvel Conan, and ESPECIALLY Red Sonja are Marvel Universe canon, even if they’ll never be able to mention those characters by name again. I doubt we’ll ever see Conan-specific stuff again, but Kulan Gath appeared in the Marvel Universe in past decade, not to mention the Sonja/Spidey crossover. The last time I can recall a Conan appearance in Marvel was Atlantis Attacks, I think. Oh, maybe Conan-Rune, I suppose.


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