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After seeing some feedback about the multi-use share button (which I still like, since there’s no way I’m putting in individual buttons for every crazy service people use out there.) I decided to take some time to put in a little share box containing some of the most common tools.

This box won’t show up on the home page or blog archive view, but if you want to use it just head to any individual blog page or (and this was a bit harder to do) reading order page! So you can now easily share or bookmark any reading order, character, to creator, or series.

Blog posts have also gotten the larger badge style buttons at the bottom. It frustrates me that they don’t all quite line up vertically, but at least they’re not too intrusive in terms of contrast and color scheme.

My personal favorites here are Reddit (for the community and discussion) and Stumbleupon (for the novelty), but I admit that I use everything here. Facebook and Twitter are more timewasters than anything else and I try to avoid them (often failing), and Delicious is more of a personal thing than a sharing thing. Digg I honestly don’t have much experience with, but apparently a lot of people use it, so in it goes.

Anyway, hope this is useful to you.

Along with this update I tweaked some minor design errors and moved the next and previous post links to the bottom of the post from the top. I feel like the top is more widely used, but it felt like there was too much in between the title of the post and the content. Since there wasn’t really anywhere else for the byline and the date, I just decided to move that little strip of links to the bottom – so if you’re confused about where it went, just scroll down.

I’ve done some other book database updates, but I’m working down a list so I’ll just save the details for my next update post when I’m done with that set of books.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful thanksgiving!

I’ll be posting a few more times today I’m sure – it’s just me and the cats, since I couldn’t afford to go back home or along with Beth’s family.

No tears, dear readers. I’ll have a happy productive day off from my day job!

Plus, I love my cats and I’m sure Beth will give me a call. :D

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