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Looks like we came through the server move with relatively little downtime (so far)!

We’re now on our own private server, so while it will cost me more per month (maybe a lot more if I’m not careful about optimizing this site before it gets any real traffic), we should see a lot of improvement in stability. Hopefully, we’ll also see some speed improvement! Let me know, of course, if any of you notice anything weird – or even if it just seems to be working better!

I’ve also fixed the tag problem on the front page and made some layout changes. I shaved about 25 pixels and the bottom dotted border off the little welcome header and then halved the second set of info boxes above the blog. This should get the blog posts and featured content up above the fold for most site users.

I’ve also increased the amount of featured content to 12 thumbnails from 8 and I’ll be thinking about adding some more (not super important) content to the bottom of the right sidebar.

Known Issue: I am still having a problem uploading images – it’s possible that avatar uploads may not be working right now either. I’ll let you know when I have an update.

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