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I’ve just gone through the Marvel Reading Order and updated a slew of Fantastic Four books! The “Issues” section has now been standardized for all of the following books to read “Fantastic Four” (rather than “The Fantastic Four,” or any other variation on the title). This should make things a little more consistent if you happen to be looking at a custom list of books related to the team. I’ve also tagged each one with the four founding members in the character section.

Fantastic Four Visionaries: George Perez Vol. 2
Fantastic Four: The Secret Story Of Marvel’s Cosmic Quartet
Fantastic Four Visionaries: George Perez Vol. 1
Essential Fantastic Four Vol. 8
Essential Fantastic Four Vol. 7
Essential Fantastic Four Vol. 6
Marvel Masterworks: Fantastic Four Vol. 12
Marvel Masterworks: Fantastic Four Vol. 11
Marvel Masterworks: Fantastic Four Vol. 8
Essential Fantastic Four Vol. 5
Marvel Masterworks: Fantastic Four Vol. 9
Marvel Masterworks: Fantastic Four Vol. 10
Fantastic Four
Essential Fantastic Four Vol. 4
Fantastic Four: The Flames Of Battle
Marvel Masterworks: Fantastic Four Vol. 7
Fantastic Four: Where Stalks The Sandman
Fantastic Four Omnibus Vol. 2
Essential Fantastic Four Vol. 3
Fantastic Four: Doomsday
Marvel Masterworks: Fantastic Four Vol. 6
Fantastic Four: The Coming Of Galactus
Marvel Masterworks: Fantastic Four Vol. 5
Marvel Masterworks: Fantastic Four Vol. 4
Essential Fantastic Four Vol. 2
Fantastic Four Return Collector’s Album
Marvel Masterworks: Fantastic Four Vol. 3
Fantastic Four Omnibus Vol. 1
Marvel Masterworks: Fantastic Four Vol. 2
Marvel Masterworks: Fantastic Four Vol. 1
Essential Fantastic Four Vol. 1
Fantastic Four: Maximum Edition

I  updated a few other books as well, including several that we got the full details of just today in Marvel’s July 2011 solicitations:

Fantastic Four / Spider-Man Classic (Tagged characters)
Fantastic Four: In Search Of Galactus (Tagged characters)
Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe Vol. 4 (Standardized character tags)
Fantastic Four: Featuring The Peerless Power Of The Silver Surfer (Tagged characters)
X-Men by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee Omnibus Vol. 1 (Added Issues, Original Publication Dates; tagged characters and creators)
Excalibur Visionaries: Alan Davis Vol. 3 (Added Issues, Original Publication Dates; tagged characters)
Thor: Black Galaxy Saga (Updated Issues and Pages sections)

I also cleaned up some issues with repetition in the character taxonomies by deleting entries for “Mister Fantastic” (since we’re already using “Mr. Fantastic”) and “Uncanny X-Men” (since we already have just plain “X-Men”). We may at some point re-add “Uncanny X-Men” as a Series/Event tag to relevant books, to make it easier to see which X-Men collections include material from that particular ongoing series.

Well, that should just about do it for now. Over the next few days I’ll be making an effort to standardize the “Issues” sections for the rest of the Fantastic Four titles in the database, before moving on to the Avengers and the X-Men. I’ll also be sprinkling in some of Marvel’s newly announced collected editions for July, so keep an eye out!

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  1. Ian wrote on at April 13, 2011 6:26 am:

    Fantastic work, Marc!


    Marc replied on April 14th, 2011 at 12:51 am:

    I’ll just assume that your pun was intended as well. :)


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