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So, while conversation is still brewing as to the exact order of the recent Batman trades, I’m going to do my best to keep going down the Unplaced Books list and making placements into various reading orders. I’m gonna try and focus on modern stuff first (and skip any Archives I stumble across for now) since that’s what I need in there to keep working on the modern event reading lists. I’m also trying to make sure all the books have their issues and dates of contents included. Here’s what I’ve gotten to tonight so far:

Enigma (Moved to Self Contained, which I’m going to sort alphabetically again later)

Majestic: Strange New Visitor (Also on the Wildstorm list, which is not organized yet.)

Booster Gold: Day of Death

Secret Six: Depths

Power Girl: A New Beginning

Red Robin: The Grail

Wonder Woman: Warkiller

Titans: Fractured

Superboy: The Boy Of Steel

Outsiders: The Hunt

DC’s Greatest Imaginary Stories Vol. 2: Batman & Robin

Shade: The Changing Man: Scream Time

Icon: The Mothership Connection

Doom Patrol: We Who Are About To Die

The Shield Vol. 1: Kicking Down The Door

Batgirl Vol. 1: Batgirl Rising

Red Tornado: Family Reunion

Justice League Of America Vol. 5: The Second Coming

The Flash: Rebirth

Batwoman: Elegy

Justice League: Cry For Justice

Since starting this batch of RRO additions, there have been a couple books added and a couple removed from the Batman R.I.P. / Reborn chronology. For details, just check that list or look in the CRB thread if you wanna know why.

On a totally random note, I took a look at my site on an iphone tonight when I went out to dinner with some friends and I was really pleasantly surprised! I zoomed in to fill the screen with the book list part of a reading order and it looked really nice. I could totally see that being helpful for someone browsing in a comic shop! So cool!

I was really worried about the compatibility of this site, since I cobbled together so much of the code random pieces at a time, but it didn’t really load much slower than normal (which is pretty slow, I’m sorry – I just can’t afford the private server.. advertising only came to 3 bucks last month, haha). There were only a few minor lines and thumbnails out of place (notably the book review ones in the top right corner, for some reason). Overall I was really proud of this baby.

Anyway, I’m gonna take a little break and then get back to adding more books!

September 2009 – April 2010
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