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By | Saturday, May 22, 2010 | 2:13 pm | 0 Comments | Blog > Database Updates

I’ll probably have time for a reading order update or two before leaving for work tonight, but I’ve had to concentrate on fixing some backend stuff (and some actual physical reorganization!)

Basically, I made it so that when I’m logged in (as admin) then I can see the “dates” of the posts right in the front end. The date values are actually what determines the order for the lists right now! So that way, without going to the edit post page, I can see what date the new book (that I’m trying to insert into the reading order) needs to be. This should make doing updates a lot quicker.

I guess I could have tried to make it some kind of custom value that determines order (or used  drag and drop plugin) but dates are just values with a lot of digits, if you think about it. Not having to change that system makes it easier for me to keep the blog in the same database, also, and to use various plugins that were built for wordpress’s more normal uses (like the CSV imports I do!)

Besides that, I’ve been moving bookshelves all night! We’ve got a new roomie moving in at the end of the month and our place is still a mess since our old ones moved up north and left all their stuff (which was actually nice of them, but we’ve got a lot of trimming down to do!)

The upside of that is that the physical mirror of the DCU reading order will get a bit of a makeover as I shift the shelves around and finally have some time to add the showcase books (which have been sitting on a separate shelf) into the main unit. Once I’ve got all the books I currently have into it, I’ll finally be able to take a picture to show you.

On a side note, we’re having a discussion about the placement of Batman: Cacophony and Batman: The Widening Gyre in continuity over at CBR. It was inspired by this blog post over at With Great Power, a little review blog that you should check out!

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By | Saturday, May 22, 2010 | 4:58 am | 0 Comments | Blog > Database Updates

This round of updates finishes up the 1930s adventures of Wesley Dodds (at least the ones currently out in trade.)

I’ve started adding Amazon links directly in the update posts, since most of the books being added in right now are ones I don’t own myself. I review all this stuff later from the feed and it will make my own shopping around easier – maybe for some of you, too!

Here are the books I just added:

Sandman Mystery Theatre Vol. 5: Dr. Death and The Night of the Butcher (Amazon)

Sandman Mystery Theatre Vol. 6: The Hourman and the Python (Amazon)

Sandman Mystery Theatre Vol. 7: The Mist and the Phantom of the Fair (Amazon)

Sandman Mystery Theatre Vol. 8: The Blackhawk and the Return of the Scarlet Ghost (Amazon)

The next update will include the first DC Archives to be added to the reading order!

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By | Friday, May 21, 2010 | 9:31 am | 0 Comments | Blog > Database Updates

This is a strange little chunk of time. The Doc Savage miniseries (released by marvel originally?) is a retelling of stories that were originally published and set in the 30s. It’s a Bronze Age book, though, and it’s possible it should go later in the timeline, so consider that one pencilled in.

The Sandman books are dated by the events in them to around 1938-1939, right before and at the start of the Golden Age of heroes. That ongoing series bumps up against the start of Earth-2 Superman and a little past, though only one trade moves past that point so far – I’m assuming they will release the whole SMT series eventually, though.

Here are the new additions to the order:

Doc Savage: The Man Of Bronze

Sandman Mystery Theatre Vol. 1: The Tarantula

Sandman Mystery Theatre Vol. 2: The Face and the Brute

Sandman Mystery Theatre Vol. 3: The Vamp

Sandman Mystery Theatre Vol. 4: The Scorpion

Next update should finish SMT, and then after that we’re into the Golden Age!

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By | Friday, May 21, 2010 | 8:29 am | 0 Comments | Blog > Database Updates

Alrighty, I’ve placed and updated the rest of the modern Jonah Hex books as well as the Bat Lash mini.

These books are now in the Reading Order and moved from Unplaced Books:

Jonah Hex Vol. 5: Luck Runs Out

Bat Lash: Guns And Roses

Jonah Hex Vol. 6: Bullets Don’t Lie

Jonah Hex Vol. 7: Lead Poisoning

Jonah Hex Vol. 8: The Six Gun War

Jonah Hex Vol. 9: Counting Corpses

Jonah Hex: No Way Back

So that’s the westerns! Those last two Hex books are forthcoming, so the cover art is subject to change, of course. I’m sure I’ll have to add some more into the western period as they come out, but for now it’s complete.

Up next we skip to the pulp era of the 30s and move on from there!

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By | Thursday, May 20, 2010 | 3:58 am | 0 Comments | Blog > Database Updates

This next batch starts with the 90s Vertigo mini and continues on through El Diablo to Jonah Hex’s ongoing series.

These are now added to the Reading Order and removed from Unplaced Books.

Jonah Hex: Two-Gun Mojo

El Diablo

Jonah Hex Vol. 1: Face Full Of Violence

Jonah Hex Vol. 2: Guns of Vengeance

Jonah Hex Vol. 3: Origins

Jonah Hex Vol. 4: Only The Good Die Young

That’s it for now. Let me know if you have any advice on these – I haven’t read any of the westerns yet, so I’m going to have to tweak it a bit as I read through, when I have a chance. It’s possible that El Diablo and Two-Gun Mojo are placed wrong, but I just put all the Westerns together and then sorted by release date for now. Should be a fine reading order, for the most part, but I’ll let you know if I decide to change it.

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