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Many of you have been asking for a Brightest Day reading list. I’ve done a little research and come up with this so far – but I bet it will change as books come out and we have a chance to check the continuity.

I’ve put the issues of the main miniseries in bold.

Historical Reading:

Justice League International
Crisis On Infinite Earths


Cry For Justice
Blackest Night
Fall Of Green Arrow
Rise of Arsenal

Brightest Day:

1. Green Lantern Corps 47
2. Justice League: Generation Lost 1
3. Power Girl 13
4. Justice League: Generation Lost 2
5. Brightest Day 0
6. Green Lantern 53
7. Green Lantern Corps 48
8. Brightest Day 1
9. Green Lantern 54
10. Green Lantern 55
11. Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors 1
12. Brightest Day 2
13. Brightest Day 3

14. Green Lantern Corps 49
15. Green Lantern Corps 50
16. Green Lantern Corps 51
17. Green Lantern Corps 52
18. Justice League: Generation Lost 3
19. Justice League: Generation Lost 4
20. Justice League: Generation Lost 5
21. Booster Gold 33
22. Booster Gold 34
23. Justice Society of America 40 (Ends right before JLA 44)
24. Justice League of America 44
25. Justice League of America 45
26. Titans: Villains for Hire Special 1
27. Justice League of America 46
28. Justice Society of America 41
29. Brightest Day 4
30. Brightest Day 5
(July 8)
31. Brightest Day: The Atom Special 1
32. Flash Secret Files 2010
33. Flash 1
34. Flash 2
35. Flash 3
36. Flash 4
37. Action Comics 890 (Non-essential – not sure where to place 891-894, none marketed as crossovers)
38. Justice League of America 47
39. Justice Society of America 42
40. Titans 24
41. Titans 25
42. Justice League: Generation Lost 6
43. Brightest Day 6 (July 21)
44. Brightest Day 7
(August 4)
45. Birds Of Prey 1
46. Birds Of Prey 2
47. Birds Of Prey 3
48. Birds Of Prey 4
49. Birds Of Prey 5
50. Flash 5
51. Justice League of America 48
52. Justice League: Generation Lost 7
53. Justice League: Generation Lost 8
54. Justice League: Generation Lost 9
55. Green Arrow 1
56. Green Arrow 2
57. Green Arrow 3
58. Brightest Day 8 (August 18)
59. Brightest Day 9
(September 1)
60. Green Arrow 4
61. Green Lantern 56
62. Green Lantern 57
63. Green Lantern 58
64. Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors 2
65. Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors 3
66. Untold Tales of Blackest Night 1
67. Brightest Day 10 (September 15)
68. Brightest Day 11 (October 06)
69. Titans 26
70. Titans 27

Unplaced as of yet:

Brightest Day 12 (October 20)
Brightest Day 13 (November 3)
Brightest Day 14 (November 17)
Brightest Day 15 (December 1)
Brightest Day 16 (December 15)
Brightest Day 17 (January 5, 2011)
Brightest Day 18 (January 19, 2011)

Action Comics 891
Action Comics 892
Action Comics 893
Action Comics 894

The series will go on till at least until Brightest Day 18 – so obviously we’ve got a lot to go before this list is complete. I’ll update it as I can.

Forum threads on this topic are available at The Green Lantern Corps Message Board and the DC Comics Message Boards. I highly recommend checking them out, as forum users Blue Lantern Superman and Munkeypunk have gone through a lot of very interesting reasoning in compiling their lists. Thanks to Munkeypunk especially for the idea of listing good prerequisite reading.

Neither list is fully up to date or complete, unfortunately – and they conflict in a couple key places. Of course, the comics themselves conflict in a couple places. I’ve done my best to sort them out, along with my own feelings about the continuity. I also found these checklists at Third Eye, which tell us what month each set of issues comes in – not too helpful, unfortunately, since the reading order ends up quite different.

If you have any advice, please let us know! I’ll make the appropriate edits after getting your comment.

Hopefully this helps those of you who are having trouble with this one!

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  1. avatar lonefeather wrote on at October 28, 2010 2:08 am:

    Hey Ian, kinda off-topic, but I was curious if you were going to separate the Earth One Series of DC Comics starting with Superman: Earth One since it’s going to be an ongoing series similar to Ultimate Marvel’s and set up it’s own separate continuity.


    avatar Ian replied on October 28th, 2010 at 2:12 am:

    I think I was just talking about this with someone somewhere on this site.

    As it stands now, since it’s only one trade, it’s not a big enough continuity to get its own list. There have been other alternate universe before (all the elseworlds, DC Animated, some all ages titles, and a few other offshoots) and most of them are small enough to be read inline. If it ends up being as big as the ultimate line, it will totally get its own list.

    But honestly, I don’t expect the Earth One universe to end up that large. So for now it will probably be placed as any other Elseworlds type title – just by release date and sometimes clumped into a group (like the DC Animated stuff).


  2. avatar Heinsby wrote on at October 30, 2010 1:50 am:

    I can’t tell you how helpful this site is. My son is very excited about this series and it is very hard to keep up with it and make sure I am getting him all his books. Many times you have saved the say for me. Just one question – why is Green Arrow #1-3 on here twice – #42-44 and #58-60?


    avatar Ian replied on October 30th, 2010 at 1:53 am:

    Why is it on there twice? Major editorial oversight, that’s why! haha

    I was debating between two placements and hadn’t figured them out yet – I must have forgot to delete one set. Let me double check and I’ll fix it.

    Thanks for pointing it out! Let me know if (as he or you are reading it) you run into anything that seems flat out wrong. These lists are usually a community effort, what with one person’s general inability to notice every continuity mis-match.


    avatar Ian replied on October 30th, 2010 at 1:55 am:

    The set after titans is the wrong one, I think. The main thing is that I wanted it after Green Lantern 55, but before Brightest Day 8. I think making it closer to Green Arrow 4 makes more sense, until someone tells me otherwise. Fixed! :D


  3. avatar Heinsby wrote on at November 4, 2010 12:47 am:

    Thanks for the updates! Looking forward to more. DC was so good about putting out checklists for Blackest Night, this has just been brutal.


    avatar Ian replied on November 4th, 2010 at 12:51 am:

    Maybe some will turn up (and let us know if they do! I don’t get Previews myself, unfortunately.)

    I’m sure we’ll have more updates though. I’ve only recently started doing the issue lists, so usually I don’t have to figure out an event until it’s all over, haha


  4. avatar dd wrote on at December 8, 2010 10:40 pm:

    Hey Ian,

    Thanks for this, very helpful. Any chance of an update?


    avatar Ian replied on December 8th, 2010 at 10:45 pm:

    I’ll try and hit it up soon – I’ve been spending most of my time on the upcoming marvel trade list.


  5. avatar Chris wrote on at December 24, 2010 3:20 am:

    Hi I was wondering where the DC Comics Presents: Brightest Day issues go?


    avatar Argonauts replied on January 15th, 2011 at 9:49 am:

    I was wondering if you could update that reading order I need to update My list of comics to buy


  6. avatar Ezio Auditore wrote on at January 18, 2011 5:41 am:

    Hey, where exactly would YOU put the Brightest Day Atom Special?? I cant find where to put it on any site and i havent started reading Brightest Day at all until i know where everything goes…….im OCD when it comes to ORDER….. :/


  7. avatar Ezio Auditore wrote on at January 18, 2011 6:18 am:

    nevermind…….i see it


  8. avatar E. Cartman wrote on at February 24, 2011 6:00 am:

    Hey any chance for an update?


    avatar Ian replied on February 24th, 2011 at 6:58 am:

    Perhaps soon. I just finished putting together the entire Marvel trade list (which took a few solid months) and I’m finishing up some tweaks on it right now. It might be a few more days at the soonest, but probably longer before I can get my head in DC issues again.


    avatar Argonauts replied on June 19th, 2011 at 6:27 pm:

    any chance of an update soon


    avatar Ian replied on June 19th, 2011 at 10:05 pm:

    not by me for a bit, unfortunately – I’ve been behind the scenes starting a company and stuff so we can really move forward with the site. Maybe one of the other guys is up for tackling it?

    I will come back to it eventually otherwise.


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  7. Argonauts
    wrote on at September 4, 2011 11:43 am:

    I have created a Timeline its not complete but its close to completion so I have the link to it here



  8. Argonauts
    wrote on at December 12, 2011 5:14 pm:

    I made an update to the time line just a little bit to go


  9. Argonauts
    wrote on at January 20, 2012 10:29 am:

    Brightest Day Read Order 2 update


    All of Cry For Justice

    All of Blackest Night


    Titans #21-23

    Justice League of America #41-43

    Justice League Rise & Fall Special #1


    Fall of Green Arrow

    Green Arrow #31

    Green Arrow #32


    Rise of Arsenal

    Justice League: Rise of Arsenal #1

    Justice League: Rise of Arsenal #2

    Justice League: Rise of Arsenal #3

    Justice League: Rise of Arsenal #4


    Green Lantern Corps #47

    -Blackest Night Epilogue.

    -Has Brightest Day banner.


    Booster Gold #28

    Booster Gold #29


    Brightest Day 0 -Pages 1-20

    Stop after the scene with Hawkman and Hawkgirl and their ancient

    remains in the snow!

    Brightest Day #0

    -Maxwell Lord does global mindwipe.

    -Hal & Guy meet up with J’onn on Mars.

    -The forest in Star City grows.

    -Amon gets home.

    -Sinestro finds the White Lantern.


    Booster Gold #30&31


    Justice League 1 -Pages 1-30

    Stop after the scene with Max falling back into the icepool and his

    metal power washing over the world!

    Justice League – Generation Lost #1

    -Overlaps with BD #0.

    -Maxwell Lord does global mindwipe.


    Power Girl 13


    Justice League Generation Lost 1 Continued -Pages 31-34


    Brightest Day 0 Continued – Pages 21-48


    JLGL 2 -Pages 1-8


    Justice League – Generation Lost #2

    -follows on from JLGL #1.

    -Booster’s friends respond to his signal after 2 hrs.

    -Ice meets Guy.

    -Batman is spoken to in the Batcave.


    Booster Gold #32&33

    Power Girl 14&15


    JLGL Continued-Pages 9-22


    Green Lantern #53

    -A truce has been in effect since BN (less than a day ago).

    -Sinestro finds Hal and informs him of the White Lantern.

    -Flash is seen helping in the Black Hand Mortuary Graveyard.

    -Guy meets up with Atrocitus and Ganthet (who is not a Green Lantern



    Green Lantern Corps #48

    -Overlaps with GL #53.

    -Guy meets up with Atrocitus and Ganthet.

    -Ganthet becomes a Green Lantern.


    Brightest Day #1

    -Guy, Hal & Carol arrive at the White Lantern.


    Green Lantern #54&55

    -Overlaps with BD #1.

    -Hal tries lifting the White Lantern.

    -Sodam is freed from the Daxam Sun.

    -#55 Atrocitus fights Lobo in NY.


    Green Lantern – Emerald Warriors #1

    -Sodam is recovered by Daxamite children.

    -Atrocitus is on Ysmault.

    -Guy mocks Lyssa Drak who is stuck in Black Lantern Book


    Brightest Day #2&3

    -Deadman encounters the Anti-monitor.

    Justice Society of America #40

    -Prologue to the Starheart as you see it going to earth


    Green Lantern Corps #49-52

    -Qwardians encounter the White Net construct left from BD #3 in GLC #49.


    Justice League of America #44&45

    -Batman & the JLA respond to Jade arriving in Germany.

    -In JLA #45, Batman mentions that the Starheart has made Jason Woodrue

    run amok in Ivy Town.


    Action Comics #890-895

    -AC #891 at the end you see Lex calling Slade

    -AC #892 Slade is working with Lex By himself

    -At the end Lex thinks the tech he found might be worth killing for

    which would suggest He might be targetted and Hire Slade


    Titans – Villains for Hire Special #1

    -Woodrue runs amok in Ivy Town.


    Justice League of America #46


    Justice Society of America #41

    -Miss Martian helps out in JSA #41, eventually gets knocked out.

    -Mister Miracle arrives to help (JSA #41).


    Brightest Day #4-5

    -Hawk and Dove join Boston Brand.


    Brightest Day – The Atom Special #1

    -Atom was said to be cleaning the lab in BD #3.

    -Far enough from that issue I guess.

    -Not really tied into the main event but gives an account of the Atom

    leaving events.


    Adventure Comics #516-521

    _The Second Feature The Atom Continues The story


    Giant Size Atom #1shot

    -Continues After Comicbook Adventure Comics #521 (Second Feature)


    (Note: BD #7 provides a rare checkpoint for the majority of the BD

    titles. The following issues that necessarily precede and proceed that

    issue are organised based on the order of the resurrected receiving

    their mission on the full page spread. Precarious, I know, but that

    full page spread is one of only a few bits of info available that

    helps placement)


    Flash Secret Files & Origins 2010 #1

    Flash #1-4

    -Fairly continuous issues


    Justice League of America #47

    Justice Society of America #42

    -Mister Miracle has helped them get in to the starheart construct city

    -A panel in JLA #47 shows Booster and team fighting amongst themselves

    due to the influence of the Starheart.

    -Kyle arrives to help in JLA #47.


    Titans #24&25

    -Titans #25 has Amon finding a mark on his Isis’ statue – Amon blames



    Green Arrow #1-3

    -The Star City forest has been there a while now.

    -Hal teams up with Oliver in GA #1-2


    Brightest Day #6-8

    -BD #6 has J’onn finding Miss Martian who according to Superboy, has

    been on the Titans reserve roster for a while.

    -BD #7 has the White Entity give the resurrected their missions in the

    following order (seen on a full page spread, read left to right):

    1) Captain Boomerang (Flash), 2) Jade (JLA), 3) Amon (Titans), 4)

    Maxwell Lord (JLGL).


    [Note: here is where things get really weird/tricky. In BD#8 Deadman,

    Hawk and Dove react to getting the white lantern mission. Deadman

    teleports with Dove to find Hal, yet in no other book I have read, do

    they find him or arrive anywhere (?). Regarding the Birds of Prey – In

    BOP #4 Hawk talks about his mission, so BOP #1-5 is post BD #7. BOP #10

    (not listed as a Brightest Day Title) has Oracle responding to Booster

    fighting Red Rockets and Jamie fighting OMACS (which doesn’t take

    place simultaneously in JLGL – continuity error DC ?) which takes

    place in JLGL #3. Yet Max gets his white lantern mission in JL GL #7.

    So BOP #1-5 and JL GL #3-6 take place in a hyper-compressed time

    period between Hawk receiving his White lantern mission and Max

    receiving his.]


    Action Comics Annual #13

    Birds of Prey #1-5

    -BOP #4 has Hawk talking about his mission


    Booster Gold #34&35


    Justice League – Generation Lost #3-6

    -In issue #3 Jamie encounters the OMACS, later meeting up with the team

    when they are attacked by Rocket Reds.

    Flash #5

    -Captain Boomerang receives his mission.


    Justice League of America #48

    -Jade receives her mission

    -Her mission is accomplished, life returned.


    Justice League – Generation Lost #7

    – Maxwell Lord receives his mission in JLGL #7


    Justice League Of America #49

    Justice Society of America #43

    -Dark Things epilogue


    Justice League Of America #50-52

    Starman/Congorilla #1shot

    Justice League Of America #53

    Flash #6


    Justice League – Generation Lost #8-9

    -in #9 Max Lord Catches skeets hacking


    Booster Gold #36

    -in #36Booster Gold complains about Skeets being caught


    Brightest Day #9

    -J’onn goes to the Star City forest and meets Green Arrow


    Green Arrow #4

    -Overlaps with BD #9

    -Shows aftermath of that meeting


    Brightest Day #10


    Untold Tales of Blackest Night #1

    -Lyssa Drak is freed (by the hooded figure) on OA (an underground part

    of it)


    Brightest Day #11-12

    -BDay #11 has Deathstorm raise Black Lanterns

    -BDay #12 has the Black Lanterns leave


    Green Arrow #5-7

    -Black Lanterns chase Ollie

    -Ollie prepares to attack Queen Industries tower.

    – GA #6 Continues straight on from GA#5 – Ollie attacks the tower.


    Justice League – Generation Lost #10-13

    -JLGL #10 has Dick (as Batman) in the Batcave

    -JLGL #13 Magog gets killed


    Booster Gold #37&38

    Justice League – Generation Lost #14

    -JLGL #14 Captain Atom travels to the future and back


    Justice League of America #54

    Secret Six #25-28

    Action Comics #896

    – Secret Six is Hired so placing it here was the only place that

    seemed good since slade says in Titans #26 That Lex kept his word


    Secret Six #29

    Action Comics #897

    Steel #1

    Outsiders #37

    Justice League of America #55

    Superman/Batman Annual #5

    Justice League of America #56

    Superboy #6

    Action Comics #898-900


    Batman & Robin #7-12 (Not part of Brightest Day Story but Fits in the

    timeline Here)

    -B&R #7 Dick and Damian looking for the body of Bruce

    -B&R #12 Alfred Shows Dick the Bat Signal off of Land BluePrints of

    Wayne's Manor

    -B&R #12 Dick,Alfred,and Damian discovered Bruce's Batman cowl hanging

    in a cave.


    Batman #701

    Titans #26-31

    -A week after BD #7 but has a flashback of sorts to Amon receiving his


    -CC26 has a flashback showing that Amon confronts Cinder around the same

    time he gets his mission from the white entity.

    -has Dick (as Batman referring to the events of Batman & Robin #12 –

    the storyline from that point is continuous resulting in the return of

    Bruce Wayne).

    -Titans #31 ends with Shazam arriving also says Shazam #1 is next


    Shazam #1

    Titans #32-34

    – Titans #32 shazam and Amon still fighting

    – Isis is brought back to life

    – Amom mission is accomplished, life returned.

    – Titans #33 Atom is talking to Dwarfstar in the Hospital After what

    Giganta did to him in Secret Six #28


    Batman #702

    Batman: The Return Of Bruce Wayne #1

    Batman and Robin #13

    Batman: The Return Of Bruce Wayne #2

    Time Masters: Vanishing Point #1

    Red Robin #13-15

    Batman #703

    Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #3

    Time Masters: Vanishing Point #2

    Batman and Robin #14

    Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #4

    Time Masters: Vanishing Point #3

    Justice League of America #57

    Justice League – Generation Lost #15-16

    -‘Hours after JLGL #14

    -Beetle is captured


    Power Girl #16-20

    Green Lantern – Emerald Warriors #2&3

    -Has the hooded figure on Kralok (in the unknown sector)


    Green Lantern #56-58

    -#56 Has the hooded figure in Las Vegas

    -#57 Has the hooded figure in Las Vegas (hiding from Carol behind a

    Slot Machine)

    -#58 Carol stays on Zamaron with Predator Entity

    -Flash meets up with Hal.


    Justice League – Generation Lost #17&18

    -Beetle escapes, is shot


    Justice League of America #58

    Power Girl #21

    Justice League – Generation Lost #19&20

    Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #5

    Time Masters: Vanishing Point #4

    Batman: The Return Of Bruce Wayne #6

    Batman and Robin #15

    Red Robin #16

    Bruce Wayne – The Road Home: Batman and Robin #1

    Bruce Wayne – The Road Home: Red Robin #1

    Bruce Wayne – The Road Home: Outsiders #1

    Bruce Wayne – The Road Home: Batgirl #1

    Bruce Wayne – The Road Home: Catwoman #1

    Bruce Wayne – The Road Home: Commissioner Gordon #1

    Bruce Wayne – The Road Home: Ra's al Ghul #1

    Batman, Incorporated #8

    Batman: The Dark Knight #1-5

    Batman and Robin #16

    Time Masters: Vanishing Point #5&6

    Red Robin #17

    Batman: The Return #1shot


    Brightest Day #13-14

    -BD #13 has Queen Shrike open a portal to Zamaron, Carol is seen there

    with the Predator Entity.

    -BD #14 has (Bruce)Batman become a White Lantern; he learns about Max

    Lord and contacts someone at the end of the issue.


    Batman #704

    Batman, Incorporated #1

    Detective Comics #871

    Batman and Robin #17

    Detective Comics Annual #12

    Batman #705

    Batman and Robin #18

    Birds of Prey #7

    -BOP #7 Bruce Wayne is talking to Oracle

    Azrael #14

    Batman, Incorporated #2

    Batman Annual #28

    Azrael #15

    Detective Comics #872

    Azrael #16

    Batman and Robin #19

    Birds of Prey #8

    Batgirl #17

    Detective Comics #873

    Batman #706

    Azrael #17

    Detective Comics #874

    Batman and Robin #20

    Birds of Prey #9

    Batman #707

    Birds of Prey #10

    -BOP #10 has Oracle responding to Booster fighting Red Rockets and

    Jamie fighting OMACS.


    Justice League – Generation Lost #21

    -Beetle is alive

    -Batman arrives to aid the team in taking down Max Lord


    Booster Gold #39

    -After seeing Blue Beetle(Jaime Reyes)Killed and come back Booster Gold

    knows he has to say goodbye to Ted Cord


    Justice League – Generation Lost #22

    -Blue Beetle explains that he was not dead but in Stasis

    -Batman arrives to aid the team in taking down Max Lord


    Titans #35

    Justice League of America #59

    Power Girl #22&23

    -Superman is in these 2 issues

    Justice League – Generation Lost #23&24


    Green Lantern #59

    -Flash mentions that Atrocitus’ attack on the prison bus (GL#58)

    happened in the morning

    – Hooded figure attacks with Parallax


    Green Lantern – Emerald Warriors #4

    -Guy and team find Sodam

    -The Rookies attack


    Green Lantern Corps #53 & 54

    -#53 Qwardian Weaponer abducts Soranik

    -Kyle informs Sinestro of the abduction, a fight breaks out.

    -#54 Fight ends

    -Kyle organises Lantern team on OA to rescue Soranik

    -Team arrives on Qward


    Azrael #18

    Batgirl #19

    Batman, Incorporated #3

    Batman and Robin #21

    Batman, Incorporated #4

    Batman Beyond #4

    Power Girl #24

    Batman, Incorporated #5

    Power Girl #25

    Titans #36


    Brightest Day #15-17

    -BD #15-17 has Firestorm ‘explode’ and he appears in the antimatter

    world, he heads towards Qward


    The Flash #7

    -Captain Boomerang frees Zoom, the Rogues discover him doing so.


    Brightest Day #18

    -Captain Cold attacks Digger

    -The battle Carol is involved with ends. Green Lantern #63 has Hal meet

    Carol after he has fought with Krona, she tells him that the Star

    Sapphires were already weakened from the Battle with Hawkworld.


    Green Lantern #60-62

    -#60 Parallax attack continues

    -Sinestro is shown with Atrocitus, is informed by Romat-Ru (Sinestro

    Corps member) of Soranik’s abduction and the gathering of a rescue party

    -Sinestro replies that ‘he knows’, departs area.

    -Romat-Ru asks how they should proceed

    -Sinestro departs area

    -#61 Atrocitus encounters the Spectre

    -#61 Atrocitus first encounters Krona

    -#62 has Batman (Bruce) with others talking to Hal


    Batman, Incorporated #6

    Batgirl #22

    Batman, Incorporated #7

    Green Lantern – Emerald Warriors #5

    -Rookie fight ends

    -Guy receives ‘blood message’ from Atrocitus (warning of Krona’s

    presence on Earth).


    Green Lantern Corps #55

    -Ganthet receives ‘blood message’ from Atrocitus (warning of Krona’s

    presence on Earth).

    -Romat-Ru and the rest of the Sinestro Corps (without Sinestro) attack.


    Power Girl #26

    Green Lantern – Emerald Warriors #6

    Green Lantern Corps #56

    Brightest Day #19-21

    -BD #21 has Mr Terrific and Dr Midnite helping on the beach

    -Natural disasters begin


    Green Arrow #8-10

    -Mr Terrific and Dr Midnite help Green Arrow in the forest

    -GA #8 has clear skies shown in the beginning. However, because

    GA#8-11 are continuous and feature Mr Terrific and Dr Midnite, they

    must take place after BD #21 (check out my synopsis for GA #11 for

    further reason for this placement).


    Green Lantern Corps #57

    -Has Firestorm arriving on Qward to help the crew


    Brightest Day #22

    -Firestorm encounters the Anti-Monitor on Qward.


    Green Arrow #11

    – Has Green Arrow and crew fight the forest, the White Light shield

    goes up over the forest.


    Brightest Day #23-24

    -BD #23 has Green Arrow get pissed off at the White Entity for closing

    Star Forest


    Power Girl #27

    Titans Annual #1shot

    Green Arrow #12

    -Set after the events of BD #24


    Brightest Day Aftermath: The Search For SwampThing #1-3


    You are never too young to hold a Lightsaber


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