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Thought I’d share a little awesome news with you guys. In an in depth interview over at Comics Alliance, Ethan (29) and Malachai (5) Nicolle laid out details for the upcoming Axe Cop collection by Dark Horse:

CA: Are you excited to read “Axe Cop” as a book instead of on the computer?

MN: Yeah.

EN: What kind of book do you think [Dark Horse] should make it?

MN: A comic book that has color.

EN: How many pages do you want it to have in it?

MN: A lot. 1,000!

EN: Do you want it to be softcover or hardcover?

MN: Hardcover.

EN: With pop-ups?

MN: Yeah, with pop-ups where people pop up and you can move them. And I want a real “Axe Cop” game, just with Axe Cop. The “Axe Cop” game is on the very back of the book.

EN: Can you play it on the book? Is there a screen on the book? Like the book is a little iPod Touch? Like an iPad?

MN: Yeah, right on the back.

CA: Can the book be turned into a weapon to fight bad guys?

MN: Not really, but it can transform into something awesome!

EN: Like what?

MN: A giant robot. Like a giant robot that you can get in. A giant robot suit with a head.

EN: What’s it called?

MN: The AWESOME! Know what? One of it’s attacks – it can blast like Iron Man, but gianter. And one different thing, it can put down its own army.

EN: Where does the army come out of?

MN: He’s got packs that you get that army guys jump in, then he grabs a bunch and puts them down on the ground and then they fight for him so he can save the people. Do you want to give the first book to me? Because I really like it. I think it’s super awesome.

EN: Well, I don’t know if Dark Horse will be able to meet all of those demands, but I think they’ll try. What did you think of Dark Horse? Remember when we went? What did you think of the stuff they make?

MN: It was awesome. I loved it. They were nice. They gave us some books. And they gave me a stuffed animal – that ninja rabbit.

EN: Oh yeah, the Usagi Yojimbo one. They gave me a “The Goon” lunchbox.

Oh man this seriously kills me. I love Axe Cop, and even if you aren’t already reading it, you should head on over to Comics Alliance to read the rest of the interview!

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  1. Gorblax wrote on at July 18, 2010 8:20 pm:

    I am very excited.


    Ian replied on July 18th, 2010 at 10:11 pm:

    Me too! I can’t wait to ride in the robot.


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