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First time site visitor Erik just brought something important to my attention – people randomly landing on an RRO page without context (probably from google) might not have any idea what it is. The header text was just a little too unclear. Erik’s comment in the feedback section shared his frustration. While I hope I’ve answered his questions, I’m always trying to make the site more user friendly.

It’s extremely hard though, so I always appreciate this kind of feedback.

For now, I’ve updated the RRO text to say this:

“This list shows every book connected to the DC Universe in my preferred reading order.

The main goal is to help people arrange books on a shelf and decide what title to read next. This is a list of books that can be read start to finish with the least amount of spoilers and awkwardness, and with the maximum enjoyment of events, cameos, and crossovers.

All of the DC character, series, and event reading lists are created in relation to this master list. If you are looking for something more specific, check the tags to the right or create a filtered search!”

A lot of the headers are a little out of date now (and I really should add one to the batman list, since it accounts for a LOT of the site traffic.) If anyone has any advice for improving that area or making the tag based navigation any clearer, please let me know!

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