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I know at least one of you was really thankful last time I pointed the way to some awesome stuff on ebay, so I thought I’d share this. I got home from the airport to find an auto alert for one of my saved sellers (TZBA, who I’ve mentioned is my absolute favorite seller of all time).

It’s an awesome lot of Superman and Batman “In The Decades” books. I’ve already managed to find good copies of all the “Superman In The” titles, but it was hard to decide not to bid just for the set of Batman In The Forties, and so on. These books are great intro texts and excellent for any collector that likes to have a good cross section of resources for a particular era.

They’re also kind of hard to find in good condition and I’ve never seen a lot of all of them together. It’s missing the 70’s batman book, but he’s throwing in a couple bonus random ones, so it’s worth a peek! (In case you’re worried that the bonus books will be total crap, last time I got a Showcase Presents lot the two random ones he threw in were a Batman Chronicles book and Batman: Under The Red Hood)

That was the highlight of this batch for me, but there was also a couple full runs of issues (DMZ and Superman/Batman, both quality titles), quality and slightly rare hardcovers for 24 dollars, and as always, the amazing 8 Showcase books of your choice for 50 bucks. Check it all out here!

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