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I spent some more time tonight working to make commenting and discussion a little more user – friendly.

The first thing of note is that I bought Ajax Edit Comments (you guys better be glad I spent some money on you so you can fix your typos!)

Now users can edit their comments – after you make a comment you’ll see a little timer counting down. As an anonymous user you’ll have five minutes to correct your typo, markup, or add anything, and so on. Feel free to go ahead and test it on this post!

You can also request that the comment be deleted if you accidentally double posted or feel like you really screwed up.

If you want to register, I’ve added a registration link near the comment box. Also, login/logout links.

Registered users can edit their own comments indefinitely (don’t abuse it – I can still see what changes you make/are making) and will be able to set other cool options in the future.

Also, in the future guest authors, moderators, and editors would have to have a registered account. In the long run, you should be able to suggest tags for books, suggest new books to be added to the database, and so on.

For right now though, we’ve got the comment editing.

Allowed HTML

HTML has always been allowed in comments, actually, but I made a note of it above the comment field.

Links are fine (and highly encouraged!) I like browsing the internet as much as anyone! Feel free to include a signature if you want, though you’ll have to hand type/paste it every time you comment and a link signature is kind of redundant since you already get a name link.

However, just to dissuade spam and keep the site safe, any comment that contains more than two links or any strange code will be held for moderation. Doesn’t mean it will be automatically denied (there are plenty of reasons to link a lot of things in one comment on this website!) but you might have to wait a little bit to see it show up.

Quicktags or WYSIWYG Editing

I really want this to work, but so far it has some problems. When I use NicEdit or TinyMCE sometimes the box just doesn’t let you click it it to start typing. I can’t figure out why.

The quicktag version isn’t showing up. So for now, just type the html, I guess. I’ll keep working on this later today.

Contact Form

I’ve also added a contact form to the Feedback page. My email is on every page, in the sidebar, but if you want you can also use the contact form (or leave comments, of course!)

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