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It’s kind of obvious that this site is used a lot by people looking to add a book or two to their collection.

Sure, it’s also REALLY useful for sorting your existing books (I gotta make a tutorial page for this at some point), but you might also be trying to find out what to read next. (In fact, a few of you have specifically asked me to try and do more in this area.)

As of today’s big update, your search just got a little bit easier.

You can now easily find your book on Half.com, Ebay, AND Amazon!

These are the top three places I buy books from and each one of them often has an absolutely amazingly cheap listing for most books.

I’ve set it to automatically pull the title information for an Ebay search, so every book should have an Ebay (Title) link at least.

Let me know if you see any without one, as that would be a sign of something very weird going on!

Any book that already has ISBN numbers entered in the database will also display a Half.com and Ebay (ISBN) link. These are generated from the ISBN-10 number (half.com is often unreliable when searching by name, since sellers list by isbn number, and I figured you guys didn’t want to go through the trouble I’ve had returning wrongly “titled” books).

ALSO, I’ve created two new custom fields – Amazon (SC) and Amazon (HC)! If a book has the same content and has been released in hardcover and softcover, eventually it will have two links. This information has to be found and put in by hand so only one book (Viking Glory: The Viking Prince) currently has these links.

When the Marvel list is uploaded every book will be uploaded with hardcover, softcover, and isbn information!

Go ahead and check out how the new links look.

They can be found on any list page, a filtered listing results page, or individual book pages!

Let me know if you see anything that doesn’t work correctly!

I cannot express how ridiculously excited I am about this feature.

Just while I was getting it set up, I already bought three books, including Shazam Archives Vol. 3 for just 25 bucks (the only one of the four I was missing. As of this post the seller still has volumes 1, 3, and 4 left along with some other Archives – thought I’d let you know.).

As a side note, these are the only marketplaces I’m planing to list at this time. Most major stores, like Tales of Wonder, also list on at least one of these three marketplaces, so you should get a good cross-section of prices. Of course, special sales at TOW might not be reflected, but we can still alert each other about those on the forums :)

If you are a retailer and think your link would be useful to our visitors, send me an email and we might be able to figure out a way to implement it. The code for these ones was a bit of a pain to figure out, but I may have learned enough to try and list other retailers. Keep in mind that you’d have to be competitive compared to the online used book market to really be useful.

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