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Here’s a snipped from a great post over at The Real Batman Chronology Project:

Bruce Wayne.  According to my chronology he is (as of February 2011) 48 years-old.  Does this seem too old?  Too young?  Maybe you’re thinking, “Bruce looks (is drawn to look) a hell of a lot younger than 48”.  Well, that argument can be thrown right out the window due to several factors.  Bruce has been re-generated by a Lazarus Pit (Birth of the Demon), healed by the Holy Grail (The Chalice), psychically healed by metahuman power (Knightquest), killed and resurrected magically (JLA: Obsidian Age), mended in an Apokoliptian healing-chamber (Superman/Batman: Torment), and nourished by the Fountain of Life at Nanda Parbat (Ressurection of Ra’s Al Ghul).  There’s a good chance Bruce will look young, fit, and healthy well past his prime.

Just thought I’d share it with you guys! I don’t get too heavy into continuity here, since we’re concerned with so many things that are OUT of continuity, but it’s sometimes fun to have a nod to it like this.

Read on at TRBCP to find out how the author got “48” and more information about Bat Family ages.

Also, it looks like the Batman Family of books is expanding even more with Batman Inc.

IGN Has a great interview up with Morrison that relates to this news.

You guys know I don’t like to get too heavy into possible spoiler details, since so many of us are behind the monthlies while waiting for trades, but basically it just looks like we’re not “losing” any Batmen, if you know what I mean.

Other awesome news? Commissioner Gordon is getting his own backup feature in Detective Comics. I think he should get his own ongoing. Love that bastard.

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  1. Marc wrote on at July 24, 2010 1:29 am:

    A fascinating little thought exercise, to be sure! Thanks for posting that, Ian.

    Also, I too would love to see a Commissioner Gordon series. Perhaps a new version of Gotham Central, this time with Gordon at the helm?


    Ian replied on July 24th, 2010 at 11:19 am:

    No problem! I’ve been enjoying that blog a lot.

    I’m all for more non-super powered, non-costumed, but VERY DCU books. I think it’s a really fun place to play.


  2. Alex J. wrote on at July 24, 2010 10:01 pm:

    I love seeing the DCU from a regular Joe’s perspective. I recommend the Batman: The Animated Series episode “Joker’s Favor” in one of my previous links.


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