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Hooboy. I am pooooooped.

I’ll list out all the new books tomorrow. After about 36-48 hours working on this latest update (from scratch! None of these books were in my offline database, even, before Saturday night!) I think I’m finally getting close to having all the DC trades in here. I hit the hardcovers hard on this one. The only thing I didn’t tackle were Absolutes and Omnibuses, but only the redundant ones.

One of the major differences in this update is that I made my offline file more complete before importing, so these books have a LOT more information than the other recent imports. They all have an Amazon and CBDB link (if available), all the included issues, and dates of content! Plus, they’re even kind of sorted in order by release date – at least the archive ones are.

So that makes it really easy to tag all the Archives via a search and throw up this DC Archive Editions list before I go to bed! Hooray!

You can preview the rest of tomorrow’s list update by checking out pages 7-16 of the Unplaced Books.

Starting this week I’ll be focusing on getting those books into the main reading orders, tagged and updated. But I think I’ve got almost everything online now!

It’s about 1500 books for DC!

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