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It seems like the Content Encoding Error I was getting (mentioned in this post) may have been solved. Here’s what my host (dreamhost!) said after I let them know about it:

So I’ve had a look at things and I may have a solution. You didn’t
happen to have gzip compression turned on in WP-Super-Cache did you?
That’s normally why that error spits back. Since we already gzip
compress most of the things that go thru Apache, asking Super Cache to do
that for you ends up giving out these weird encoding errors.

I’ve gone in and have successfully disabled our gzip compression. If
you’re going to continue to use All In One SEO, I suggest you re-activate
Super Cache and see how it treats you now.

I haven’t encountered the error since Jason did this fix for me, but I’ve still got my eye out.

I did notice some strange formatting where sometimes the entire content would appear below the sidebars on the right – refreshing seems to correct it and I can’t find anything in the code to indicate why it might be doing it – if it happens more than twice I’ll look into it further.

For tonight, I’m excited about adding header images to the “Series” pages, so look forward to another blog post highlighting the images!

Also, Beth, my lovely lady has expressed minor interest in writing some reviews for the site from the perspective of a comics newbie. To this point, she’s only read Batgirl: Year One, the 1997 Batgirl Prestige, Sandman, and a couple books of Swamp Thing. Of course, I’ll probably be writing some mini-reviews eventually as well. Just focusing on database first, of course!

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