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A quick update to note that  Seven Soldiers of Victory Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3, and Vol. 4 have been moved up to meet at where Volume 4 used to be placed, in front of Infinite Crisis.

They’ve also been tagged with the Infinite Crisis Event tag.

From the comment on the book page:

I think the first three Seven Soldiers books should be moved. The entire meta-series takes place over the course of a single week. (Because of the seven mini-series format, the events of books 3 & 4 take place simultaneously with books 1 & 2). Morrison and DiDio have confirmed that it’s supposed to be the week immediately before Infinite Crisis. So I think if you put all four books in a row where book 4 currently is, that would be ideal.

Another problem book was JSA Vol. 10: Black Vengeance

This book combines two story arcs. This is the ideal location for the first of those story arcs. It’s basically a stand-alone story arc that while referencing recent events in other JSA books doesn’t reference other titles.

The second story arc is a direct tie-in to Countdown to Infinite Crisis…specifically the Day of Vengeance mini-series, and contains spoilers for the OMAC project trade. Given that the second story arc is only three issues it really seems to me that DC should have included it in the Day of Vengeance trade rather than here, but what are you gonna do. So I think the better placement for this book is right after Day of Vengeance.

It’s been moved, and also added in as an Infinite Crisis crossover.

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