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I wanted to let everyone know that I’ve created an easy to browse archive page for all of the Uncle Gorby’s Corner posts! They’ve now got their own category and links have been placed on the top navigation and side navigation. The posts will continue to appear in the blog, of course, but this way you have a place to go if you just want to find the rest of them.

I’m super lucky to already have community members this awesome – Alex started posting this feature in the forums and I felt right away that it deserved to be on the front page.

When I started building the site, I decided that everyone who registered would not only be a forum user, but also able to be fully credited and featured on the blog – with their posts listed under their profile and so on. The backend is a little awkward right now, so it’s hard to submit content directly to the blog for review, but if you ever think you have something great to share – feel free to post it on the forum! I’ve always got my eye on it.

Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying Uncle Gorby’s Corner as much as I am. I’m putting most of my time into finding Marvel books to put into the database, and all these free episodes of different shows are making my work much more enjoyable!

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