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I had to reset the post limits because the server was grinding to a halt. You may have noticed errors or serious slowdowns when trying to use the site.

It was loading way too much at once, but I couldn’t figure out any other way to show the whole list. However, the server costs were estimated at around 687 dollars (for a private server) by doing the quick math at 50 cents per 10mb… and considering my budget is absolutely zero, obviously I had to come up with a way to fix the problem.

So…. alternatives.

First I’m going to look into adding pagination next to the “next” and “last” links on each page.

Second, showing a number of total posts in that query, like it shows on the search pages.

Third, and this will take a bit longer, I want to add an infinite scroll option so you can still just scroll through the entire list (but it doesn’t kill my bandwidth by loading the whole thing at once.)

Last, and this is after this infinite scroll is working, I want to add a hotsearch that will be able to search down the list like Cntrl-F does so you can find where to place your specific book easily – right now it’s kind of hard to do that, and it’s kind of the whole point of the website.

This is a darn shame – I never thought this kind of database would take so much to run. Ah well, I’ll keep working at it. I’m sure there are ways to get it working smoothly without impacting usability.

Thanks for your patience guys. I’ll be posting updates as I figure this out, of course.

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