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As part of our prep for the Marvel list going up (and the addition of all the taxonomies coming with it) I’ve moved all the “Series” taxonomy terms to a new “DC Series” taxonomy.

I had to do this one by one, so I updated some of the terms and double checked them while I was at it. The DC Series dropdown in the right sidebar works now, which should make navigating to those lists a tad easier.

The unfortunate downside of all of this is that a lot of off site links just won’t work anymore. I did my best to fix every internal link through some find/replace scripts (I think I got 18 in the blog posts and 9 in the taxonomy descriptions.)

Just to make sure, I’m going to go through and update the series descriptions and double check them.

I’ve got to do something similar to this for changing the tags to a custom DC Character taxonomy (which would free up tags for use in blog posts.) But there’s more than a thousand of those, so I’ve decided to wait until someone makes a bulk plugin for that mess.

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  1. Marc wrote on at December 8, 2010 11:47 pm:

    Neat! How soon until the Marvel list is ready to go? I’m actually doing a little work on mine right now…I was up all night last night and I felt like doing something fairly mindless to keep me up a little longer, so my sleep schedule doesn’t get TOTALLY screwed up. :)


    Ian replied on December 8th, 2010 at 11:54 pm:

    Couldn’t say. I’ve gotten a lot of work done on it, but it’s still a long way off. It’s hard to switch work modes between the data entry and shifting for that and the reviewing.

    I honestly might just let myself get a little behind on reviews and then play catch up next week. Or something, haha


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