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I’ve tweaked the formatting of the search results page a bit. You can go ahead and try a search if you’re curious to see it.

Since the ads before and after the results were horrible, I had to go with the only other option, which has ads to the right of the results. This, unfortunately, left no room for the sidebar.

While I think that’s a major inconvenience, I can probably add a “back to home” link up top and hopefully most people won’t get lost.

So, theoretically, this search would work for what we want. However, the problem I’m running into is that google seems to have only indexed an extremely small portion of the site and database, and hasn’t gone near getting to the multiple pages of the Recommended Reading Order, for example.

It seems, though, that submitting a sitemap to google’s webmaster tools might help with this.

So I’ve found a wordpress sitemap generating plugin and I’m going to try that out.

If this works, I can create a set of links in the google custom search settings that will allow you to chose which list you want to refine your search by and so on.

Crossing my fingers. It would be sweet if this could actually work tonight.

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