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(me, working on this website)

Now I’m waiting for the sitemap to update at google webmaster tools. It wasn’t that hard to make with the plugin, though I did have to paste in links to all the RRO pages by hand, since it doesn’t do pagination for some reason… if this works I should probably do the other lists as well.

Since I’ve got a minute, I want to mention some awesomeness.

Daniel Davis, mild mannered internet browser by day, is a fricking super hero to me right now. Him an Alex J. could start a TPBro justice league.

He emailed me letting me know how much he appreciated my work (always awesome to feel appreciated) and offering his help if I needed another OCD trade paperback nut on my side. I told him that besides letting his friends know about the site, what I need most is specific advice for books in the reading order.

The easiest way to do that is just by leaving a comment on the exact book that you think there may be a problem with – even if I disagree, I’ll look it over and reply and our public discussion should help other site users deciding where to place to book on their shelf.

So this is exactly what he did!

Daniel noticed that Batman: Hush Returns contained a page of pretty solid spoilers for War Games and an issue that takes place far after. I was only peripherally aware of the issue, but not at all of the spoiler sheet – and it’s exactly the kind of thing I like to know about!

After reading his comment, I agreed on his suggested placement. Book is moved and re-placed!

Oh, and since this sitemap isn’t up yet anyway, I went and updated Hush Returns while I was at it. So that’s one more book with a cover and all its tags, for what it’s worth!

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