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Some little updates to the layout on my lunch break.

First, I added some User Control Panel links to the top right – now you can login and out, get your password, go to the backend, etc, all from the top bar in a little drop down. Not as quick as just typing it in on the sidebar, but it’s good to have a little redundancy in this area. Now you can get to those links even from the Forum or Search pages.

Second, I changed “Comics” which was the name of the category to be “Comic Reading Orders” on the top bar. There was room for it, and it explains a little more about what we’re about and makes the info really obvious. I might see if I can style that one to really stand out too – the lists keep getting pushed farther and farther down on the right, but I still really want them to be the focus of the website. It’s a tough game to play – because returning users will want to see whats new and what is happening right NOW on the site, so I need to put those dynamic widgets up there. Let me know if you think the lists should be closer to the top, but I really think it’s good to show a couple reviews and comments up there.

Speaking of which, they got a little more bumped down by the Recent Forum Posts widget – which I pretty much need cause I wanna see what discussion is going on there. Alex started a cool little project collecting DC Universe Music References and already has some impressive finds – bet you didn’t know that, did you? You  can if you pay attention to the Recent Forum Posts!

I also added 3 books to the (hopefully soon to be) Complete Listing of DC Comics Deluxe Hardcovers, Batman And Robin Vol. 2, Superman Secret Origin, and Batwoman: Elegy.

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