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Is everyone bored and looking up comics? Is this a sunday thing? Because it seems like the Comic Book Database and Comic Book Resources are both down!

Terrible, terrible. Because I was going to continue updating those Fables books and start in on some others, but I’d just have to go back through them again to add the CBDB links, so I’ll have to wait until that site is back up.

I’m just sad about CBR being down because I was going to play on the forums instead of getting other things done. haha

I’m sorry for not getting to the updates I promised last night. Here is why.

We were robbed at the store around 9pm (my roommate, David, corrected me – we were actually jacked). Nothing serious.

Some kids just came in, grabbed our tip jar, and booked it.

So it was only about 60 bucks (split between 7 people, not really a huge loss) but we had to call the cops and make a report, and it interrupted the proofing we were doing (this was right in front of five old ladies and an employee).

Of course, at the same time the printer messed up and ran out of paper a couple minutes later (replacing it in our volume printer is a bit of a pain because it’s under a shelf and needs to be dragged out.)

Neither of the two gals working knew how to handle any of this stuff (both were being trained on register and proofing) so I was running around crazy trying to figure out how to export the security footage for the officer while handling the printer malfunctions, etc. Comes with the manager hat, I suppose.

Add the internet being out, one of our employees being the victim of a hit and run just the afternoon previous, and our store owner being in Venezuela, we were pretty bushed.

So yesterday we all needed a few beers and it became retox to detox night.

Understandably, I hope, work did not get done.

Anyway, today is my day off, so either CBDB comes back and the website sees a few more updates, or I actually sit down and read some comics.

Update: The main CBR site seems to be back up at least, though the forums still aren’t working for me. sad.

Update: Hooray, CBDB is back too! Time to work!

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